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“Yogi Priyavrat’s Animesh Saurashtra Energy Circles Pilgrimage Yatra (Part 1)”



Yogi ji undertook Saurashtra yatra covering the key energy circuits of Dwarka with Dwarkadhish and Nageshwar and Somnath. 

Somnath a Hindu sacred pilgrimage is said to be the first of the 12 Jyotirlinga and being first, brings, certain attributes to the place. The mythology, the history, the aura, the energy and even the challenges of being the first. 

Usually, a Jyotirlinga is a column of light or a pillar of light. A structure which is manifestation of divine light and has no beginning and end. This column is thus an infinite energy channel erected since time immemorial. While the historians explain its 17 reconstructions, but Yogi ji explains that every era from Satyug, Treta, Dwapar and Kalyug makes the energy react to the aeon it’s manifesting itself in. 

Manu 9: 301. The various ways in which a king (Government) behaves (resemble) the Satya, Treta, Dvapara, and Kali ages; hence the king (government) is identified with the ages (of the world). 

Thus, the energy of every period would be in sync with its time and people and governance. 

Since Hindu spirituality is largely individualistic with prayers for wellbeing of all, it talks of individual karma and its consequences for people. Thus, an individual an invoke any Yuga in oneself even if the cumulative Yuga at the exterior is one which is aggregation of several external stimuli.

A person could discipline himself or herself to follow the laws of existence to their full and allow the energy to work as per the governance of Satyug. 

The Satyug saw the temple being built in Gold by the lord moon himself.

Hindus, gold is considered precious. Hindus believe that gold has the power to purify anything it touches.

In Treta Yug the temple was rebuilt in Silver. Silver which is considered effective against negative energies and symbolises motherhood.

In Dwapar Yug the Temple was built with sandal wood which also is effective against negative energies.

The current yug is kalyug where the shivling is manifesting itself in the stone temple. While stone stands for strength and durability, the criticality of Somnath temple over aeons and yugs is its very presence beyond a human perception of date, time and ” Kaal”.

Somnath Mahadev continues to resonate the resilience of nature and a case of human ephemerality taken over by unparalleled faith. 

Yogi Priyavrat Animesh elaborates that each era has held special significance and pointed to the overall evolution of humanity through these periods with one common point that each individual can still behold the sat, Raj and tamas guna in himself or herself by way of their inner condition. The infinite column of the spiritual consciousness is within each individual and the physical presence at pilgrimage of stature of Somnath brings a person in consonance with the external stimuli of the same energy and thus creates a channel for spiritual mobility and enhancement.

For information of readers, Yogi Animesh ji practices energy channelization techniques like meditation, rituals, chanting, asanas, and much more. He believes that through self-discipline, even the higher goals in life can be achieved and his philosophy and ways of life are open to anyone who is facing a time of crisis and wants to be better in life.


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