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Young Entrepreneur Siddhant Mohite rebrands Mumbai Uncensored, as a digital news startup



Started as an Instagram community, Mumbai Uncensored is now re-launching itself as a digital news startup. The founder, Siddhant Mohite started this Instagram community at the age of 20 in 2014.

Media Startups have been getting quite popular in India in recent years. The youth wants everything in a few clicks on their smartphones due to the rise in their interest in world news and current affairs and politics. Many digital media startups have been launched in the past few years in order to reach the youth with the easiest means possible.

This 27-year-old entrepreneur said, “Our objective in Mumbai Uncensored is to provide unaltered and factual information to the masses. Mumbai Uncensored’s mission is to bring raw and uncensored news to its readers while keeping nationalism as its core idea. It aims to report fearlessly, dig out and publish the truth in order to fix accountability for the citizens of a country with more than a billion population”.

With 75,000 followers and around 1 million people who have already used the hashtag #Mumbai_Uncensored on Instagram, this startup aims to bring a completely new brand of journalism and media experience to netizens.

“ In the upcoming year, we intend to expand the news network by forming, ‘Uncensored Media Networks Conglomerate’. As far as our vision of becoming a news media conglomerate is concerned, we wish to launch video journalism through Youtube, print journalism, broadcast journalism, a fact-checking website to effectively counter fake news. Apart from the aforementioned avenues we also wish to create an institute of excellence for grooming young and budding journalists”, said Siddhant Mohite, the founder of Mumbai Uncensored (

Journalism is the means by which important national and international information is gathered, accessed, created, and presented in the form of the news. It is a process that is more than just straightforward reporting.

Digital journalism is one of the growing fields of reporting which involves the process of using advanced or digital technologies in a way to research, gather, produce, and present the news and information for the progressively computer-educated market.

It consists of a process of creating articles and content covering the current events trending at the national or international level with the latest and timely updates on them that are showcased via an online medium. Online journalism covers all issues, be it education, entertainment, finance, politics, economics, sports, food, travel, weather and forecasts, and more.

Digital journalism weakens the hierarchies of the traditional newsroom. The pace of the news cycle is so swift that a story in the morning may become stale by the afternoon. The pressure to constantly keep the wheel spinning and gauge the online trends, decentralizes the power of an editor as in traditional set up and places more power with the reporters and writers. The judgement of the editor is not to be undermined but a digital news room is more democratic as digital journalism relies on skills other than just writing.


It is Ubiquitous and easy to access, a form of media that can be accessed on your mobile, PC, laptop or tablets at any place and time as per your own convenience. It provides easy access to the latest news or information, be it at midnight or early dawn, allows the audience to share their views and opinions on the general matter on the portal. It helps in knowing the user interface and also supports the agencies to understand more about their audiences.

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