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Youngest Millionaire Abhishek Mishra’s Hidden Bull Academy becomes the Best Trading Company in India.



Over the years, different industries and businesses have shown different levels of success, depending on the trends of the world. However, the current times have increased the demand for a creative multi-market trader that can take retailer & institutional traders to exponential levels of success and help them sail through the rough waters of losses. As a result, more and more companies have arisen, and a mammoth of young entrepreneurs have also risen with them. Among them, one name that has been making all the buzz right now for all the right reasons is Abhishek Mishra, the man, and the brain behind a one-of-a-kind trading company named “Hidden Bull Academy”


Hidden Bull Academy is the result of Abhishek Mishra’s astute business sense, knowledge, passion and perseverance. What has attracted more people towards his success story is the fact that he is only 20 years of age and still has managed to shine brighter with his trading company that specializes and excels at Crypto, Stocks & Forex Markets, which has what made it the best Multi-market trader in India. As the CEO and the Founder of Hidden Bull Academy, Abhishek Mishra has shown the path for growth to many retailers and institutional traders and helped them attain massive wealth with his unique trading strategies.

He built one of India’s top digital trading companies as a teenager-entrepreneur, bringing into action some of the best trading strategies, and techniques with a personalized approach, earning a long list of esteemed clients in a short period. Abhishek Mishra studied engineering but left behind and decided to take his startup company Hidden Bull Academy to massive success levels.Apart from being a Trader, mentor, and Investor, he continues to hold a strong place in the world of Food Businesses across India named “MOON CAFE & RESTAURANTS”.

Abhishek Mishra also understood the need and importance of Food & Education for underprivileged children, Then started a non-profitable trust “MOON CLUB” providing food and education to children. He also believed that one should always contribute to society so that donations are made to the needy. 

Abhishek Mishra created a sensation in the market with his skill and technique. The Cryptocurrency and NFTs market is the growing market in the modern world. It has made business even more convenient with its worldwide reach. Abhishek Mishra is making its presence felt in the Trading world with its exceptional skills and unique flexible work style.

Hidden Bull Academy, as a unique digital trading company, provides all sorts of digital trading services including Trading education & Trading calls, and has emerged as the best Stock Trading Company across the country. He is a self-learned Trader and an entrepreneur. Abhishek Mishra is the pioneer behind ‘Hidden bull Academy’, a 360-degree Trading & Educational company. We all are aware of the potential digital medium has in today’s competitive world. Leveraging this, the 20-year-old entrepreneur mastered different subjects including Trading, Marketing, Business Management, and some other digital skills. Abhishek Mishra has exceeded boundaries with Hidden Bull Academy and has stunned people with his successes.

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