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A young Actor, fashion model but also a successful entrepreneur Prince Katara Exclusive



Today we are going to talk about a well-known personality that isn’t interested in fame, who has always stayed away from the glare of the media, and gave more importance to a simple life among the common people. A person who at a young age,  is also a successful entrepreneur with a fashion model and actor. He is none other than Prince Katara, who not only earned his dream life at a young age, but also is the youth inspiration of hundreds of people.

When Prince was asked the question, “who is Prince Katara? What would you like to say on this?” Prince said, “I belong to a simple middle class family and a simple town, Dungarpur, which is a city of hills, Udaipur. What more can I say? what all I have today is only due to the love of all of the people.

On being asked, What his strengths  were he replied,  “whenever I am asked this simple question my only  answer to this question, is in only one line  and that is my family. Which includes, my loved ones , my family and all my friends. Because I am who I am today only because you are all there with me.”

As we asked Prince what his strengths we also asked him about his weakness too. To which Prince gave a  humours reply , “Well, maths was my biggest weakness.”  After a quick laugh he futher said, “on a serious note, if I say, my weakness is my nature because I am a little emotional type of person. Like if someone needy comes in front of me maybe I can’t say no to anything if I am capable of giving.”

During the conversation with Prince, the media asked, “In the age when the youth have someone else as their inspiration, is some inspiration of youth, in that age you are an inspiration for the youth! How does it feel and what would you like to say about the youth of today To this Prince says: “It’s great when you get so much love from every person and especially when people start looking at you from a different perspective. I am getting so much love, which gives me energy and myself. It is very helpful in pushing me forward to do my best. Right now the journey I am on is very long and the destination that is to be achieved is still enough, so I do not consider myself capable of giving advice, but I definitely want to tell the youth that eliminate the fear from yourself and love your dream with  passion, everything will seem easy.”

After a long conversation Prince, the media team asked him further, what are your future planning? And what will be your upcoming projects that you would like to share with us today? On this, Prince said that he will soon be making a few big announcements regarding his company AIMREAL Private Limited, which will be out on  media channels and his social media. He further said that right now he cannot give a precise answer regarding any future planning as there are many things which are very difficult and challenging for him to manage together so Prince is currently busy giving his best to all pre-planned schedules.

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