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Abhijeet Mankar: Eat Explorer, Best Male Food Blogger



Abhijeet Mankar

Abhijeet Mankar, a software tester at Tech Mahindra, embarked on an extraordinary journey in October 2019 when he delved into the world of food blogging. Hailing from Thane, Abhijeet’s passion for food and his newfound interest in content creation led him to explore the vibrant culinary scene of Mumbai. Little did he know that his love for food and dedication to his craft would eventually earn him the prestigious title of Best Male Food Blogger from Instagram.

As a recent engineering graduate, Abhijeet joined an IT company, eager to put his skills to use. It was during this time that a friend introduced him to the concept of food blogging. Intrigued by the idea and fueled by his own love for food, Abhijeet dove headfirst into researching and learning the art of food blogging. He scoured the internet for videos, studying the techniques used by established bloggers and noting down ideas that resonated with him.

Equipped with newfound knowledge and armed with captivating pictures from his gallery, Abhijeet embarked on his epic blogging journey. He began editing his photos, enhancing their visual appeal and immersing his readers in the world of delectable flavors. The transition from an IT background to a self-made blogger was no easy feat, but Abhijeet’s determination and passion fueled his every step.

Abhijeet’s blog, Eat Explorer, quickly gained traction as he explored and reviewed over 400 restaurants in Mumbai. Each review provided an authentic glimpse into the city’s culinary offerings, helping readers discover hidden gems and popular hotspots alike. The rollercoaster ride of Abhijeet’s blogging journey was met with both challenges and triumphs, but his unwavering dedication and commitment to quality content propelled him forward.

In a relatively short span of time, Abhijeet’s blog developed a strong and supportive community, with over 105,000 followers who eagerly awaited his next culinary adventure. The genuine and relatable nature of his content allowed readers to connect with him on a personal level, making them feel like part of the Eat Explorer family.

While Abhijeet’s exploration of different cuisines broadened his palate, it was Japanese cuisine that captured his heart. The flavors, presentation, and unique dining experience with chopsticks fascinated him, making it his current favorite. From savoring a perfectly crafted sushi roll to indulging in the rich flavors of butter chicken or experiencing the burst of tangy delight in a plate of panipuri, Abhijeet’s favorite dishes encompassed a diverse range of flavors and cultures.

Abhijeet Mankar’s journey from a software tester to an award-winning food blogger showcases the power of following one’s passion and turning it into a thriving career. His dedication, creativity, and ability to capture the essence of food through his words and visuals have earned him recognition and admiration within the food blogging community.

As Abhijeet continues to explore new culinary landscapes and share his discoveries with his ever-growing audience, his influence as a male food blogger remains unrivaled. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring bloggers, demonstrating that with passion, determination, and a love for good food, anyone can turn their dreams into reality.

To learn more about Abhijeet Mankar’s journey and his thoughts on food quality and blogging, you can read his insightful interview on EatMyNews. Abhijeet’s success as the Best Male Food Blogger Award winner from Instagram is a testament to his dedication, talent, and unwavering commitment to his craft. With each blog post, he continues to take his readers on a flavorful adventure, leaving them craving more and eager to explore the world of food through his eyes.

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