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Author Maitreyee Shrivastava has became reader’s favourite author



Maitreyee Shrivastava (pen name: ‘Aarzoo’) is a 17-year-old emerging author and a perfect example of a will power so valiant that didn’t let the world get to her as she paved her way through difficulties. 

The world of an author is different from everyone as a part of them is engraved onto the slick pieces of paper as they ink down their vulnerabilities for the world to see they’re not perfect. That they’ve got scars similar to yours. 

Maitreyee’s poetries provide the comfort a reader seeks and the feeling of being understood making them see that they’re not alone.

There’s a Latin phrase- ‘ad astra per aspera’ which litreally means “through hardships to the stars”. The neglect you face teaches you to stop expecting, to stop thinking that you’ve got someone to rely on. And to start believing that you are the only one you’ve got.

This sad reality of life which dawns upon a lot of people at a very young age leaving them broken and gutted down in dumps and before they realize they’re already drowning in self-pity. 

A similar account of events that went and stuck her world, but she didn’t let it frame her destiny. No matter how much the circumstances broke her, she was determined to write her own world.

And Maitreyee ever so proudly did so.

While being an avid reader of Enid Blyton Maitreyee Shrivastava has her own poetry E-Book published on Wattpad and she is simultaneously working on more than 17 anthologies at present.

Her book ‘SONDER’ published by Instant Publications is a collection of poetries, leaves the readers awestruck at the amount of emotion and truth they hold, as the lexeme effortlessly pave their way to the reader’s hearts. The book being dedicated to Maitreyee’s elder brother Sudhanshu, who always was and still is a source of strength for her.SONDER’ is available for purchase on Amazon, Flipkart and Google Play Store. 

Her megawatt smile and with a driving passion for life itself, this budding author still in her cocoon and is now all set to brace the world of literature with all she has, till her boundaries are an unceasing myriad of unfathomable triumph.

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