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Creativity knows no boundaries and skills just add up to the efficiency – a line that perfectly fits Pallaak Smehtaa.



Meet Pallaak Smehtaa, a filmmaker, producer and director from Mumbai. Having spent around 15 years in the film industry, she is an experienced personality in film production, film distribution, creative, and direction, she has been a part of multiple projects. She has also played an important part in organizing and managing fashion shows, beauty pageants, artist tours, award ceremonies, etc

Pallaak started her career as a freelance journalist in many Gujarati papers and magazines when she was also continuing her college studies simultaneously. She was the first journalist to interview Devang Patel and Himesh Reshammiya in the Gujarati print media. At the age of 21, she got married and soon joined her husband’s business. Things were going well until her son died in 2002. This incident pushed her into heavy depression for about 3 years but then she decided to face every situation and start studying again. In 2005, Pallaak started studying event management which is also connected to her husband’s business.

After completing my course on event management, I got the opportunity to assist well known Grooming Guru who is also an event and casting director. He used to organize events like fashion shows, beauty pageants, brand launch and many more. In 2007, she started her own company “Xccess Entertainment” which organizes events like fashion shows, music and movie launching, multi-city artist tours, managing celebrities for events & films and many more. She did the casting for imp characters in films like ‘it’s my life’, ‘tum mile’ and many more. Pallaak started working as an executive producer in 2011 and currently, she is a producer.

 She has produced many films like ’24 hours’, ‘happy journey’, and many more and has produced short films like ‘OMG Turu Love’, ‘Covidiots’, ‘The Blind Date’, ‘A for Antara’ and ‘Blue Cupboard’. She has also produced a web series named ‘Becharey’, and Documentary on mysterious hindu sects aghoris  ‘A divine weapon of Shiva – Aghora’. She has further plans to produce two feature films while the pre-production process is going on and much more is yet to come. Her professionalism is unmatched and her experience speaks so much about her skills. She has worked with many celebrities, directors, producers, and many other integral parts of the entertainment industry.

Currently, she started a cultural hub named “CreaTive AddA” which is based in Versova. Through the cultural hub, she wishes to meet creative people involved in the entertainment industry and hopes to grow with those people whose ideas make a difference. Creative Adda is equipped with all the requirements like a theatre, offices, café, production house, co-working all in one roof. It is a perfect place for the gathering of all the creative people. Pallaak is a very talented and professional person and her worth is much more than just a producer and filmmaker. She is a person who presents to the world a picture of a creative and hardworking mindset which is the essence of everything.

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