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“Deepika Sahani, Top Tarot Influencer Deepika Sahani you must follow”



To date Deepika Sahani attributes her successful predictions to the blessings of her Mahadev and her mentor and guru, her father.

Deepika Sahani is extremely passionate about Tarot readings. She candidly calls it her “first love”.

Belonging to a family that had never played cards, Deepika didn’t know she will spend most of her time in a day with cards ever.

Yes ! Tarot has the entire Universe comprised in 78 cards.

Tarot is actually much more than predictions what will happen the day or a woman with bold makeup looking into a crystal ball.

Tarot helps you connect to the higher level of your subconscious mind and taps in the limiting beliefs in your mind to find solutions which you might have not focused consciously.

I was criticized for doing Tarot in spite of being ‘highly educated’ and ‘qualified’

I was criticized for not going free readings for relatives and friends

I was criticized for charging high energy exchange

I was criticized for being new to Astrology

I was criticized for choosing this path of spirituality

Deepika says; “My Tarot Journey began in 2014 when I was looking for some answers in my Personal life and I instantly searched for a random Tarot card reader and I picked up the most rated Tarot card Reader in Jaipur.Like any other person who had no clue of what this is all about I hesitated visiting her.I was shocked when she read my entire past with just 3 cards, this was amazing. My entire Tarot Journey unfolded miraculously. It was the beginning of my journey towards finding myself, find my calling and to know my life purpose. I immediately enquired about the course fee but because of money constraint being into a 9 to 6 job & earning 25k from a BPO job. I couldn’t afford the fees so dropped the idea but I kept reading about it on internet.

9 years down the line – I m a Tarot Reader & a Teacher and not just that my life has changed but I  have seen Tarot empower my clients and give them so much guidance and direction when they are going through the worst situation in life. Finally I am set free from my corporate culture, I manage clients from all over the world sitting at my home in Philippines, I am much more satisfied and contented with the work that I am doing now”.

There are lot of myths about Tarot cards; 

Tarot Cards spread negativity -It

is Absolutely a big No

Tarot cards are ways to look into your subconscious. It will only create negativity if you think so. What you think, you attract.

Tarot is a science- beyond what your mind can understand.

There are good and bad people in all Professions. Don’t make impressions on basis of generalizations or rumors.

Tarot is a science and it doesn’t matter whether you have a master’s degree or are a doctor or an investment banker or a housewife  – you can be an excellent reader if you trust your intuition.

Through all these years of experience and practice, Deepika Sahani is able to combine her knowledge of Astrology,Numerology, Feng shui, signature readings  through Tarot Readings. She is even able to successfully predict which planet is activated in a client’s horoscope, or which ‘mahadasha’ or ‘antardasha’ they are undergoing, without even asking for their birth details, just through her Tarot cards. Even when her clients are not able to fully express their situations clearly, Deepika is able to guide them accurately through her Tarot readings by reading their past, present & future.

She is truly blessed with the gift of clairvoyance, intuitions and mystical experience since childhood & now guides people all across the globe on a daily basis.

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