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Eight Audio Ventures into Home Automation with CASA Automation



Home automation is a rapidly growing technology that enables homeowners to control and monitor their home systems from anywhere in the world. It involves using smart home technology to automate various aspects of the house, such as lighting, climate control, security, and entertainment. Automated home systems provide convenience and peace of mind

Home automation systems comprise several components; including sensors, controllers, and actuators, that work together to create an automated home system that can be customised according to individual preferences.

So, if you are also planning to automate your home systems and are wondering which company’s products you should opt for, your search ends here.

CASA Automation from Eight Audio International is the latest company providing home automation systems at the best rates. With CASA Automation, controlling your home’s light, curtains, climate, and media becomes easy.

By using CASA Automation, you have the luxury to automate your commercial or personal space without re-wiring. They make use of the existing wiring system to get the entire home automated.

Their technology allows you to control your home from any corner of the world. You can integrate Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Bixby, Siri Shortcuts & NFC with our smart products. All CASA Products can be operated by users’ voice commands alone.

Their technology also saves 30% of electricity, and the user gets notified of every action. Their App is available both on Android and IOS.

Eight Audio International has ventured into the home automation industry with a mission. As society is becoming increasingly technology-oriented, the company did not want the common man to be left out of it.

With a mission to take technology to the households of every common man, Eight Audio International created products with IoT technology that caters to a large audience ranging from the rural farmer to the urban tech consumer to even different kinds of businesses. They not only want to make technology commonplace for the Indian consumer but also want to make it affordable so that nobody feels left out.

CASA Automation set the time for your geysers, curtains, heavy appliances etc., at a specified time every day or selected days easier. It would also help the users to create the perfect ambience for a perfect movie date at home, and the experience is certain to be something that has never been experienced before.

CASA Automation has a wide range of products, which include-

  • RetroFit Smart Modules
  • Touch Panels & Switches
  • Smart Curtains
  • Smart Lighting control
  • Smart Motion Sensors
  • Smart Door Sensors
  • Smart Door Locks
  • Smart Smoke and Gas Sensors
  • Smart Entrance Gate Controllers

These products are trusted by leading architects, interior designers, pharmaceutical companies, and builders.

CASA Automation provides the best-automated services that have made life easy for many. Their App is handy to control.

All CASA products come with a 5 Years of warranty. These products can be economically repaired rather than replaced, extending the life of units and reducing wastage.

CASA products are manufactured in India, reducing the need to source and move components across the globe, ultimately reducing product prices. Everything from R&D, manufacture, and final inspection, to large storage & logistics, takes place under one roof.

So, what are you waiting for? If you also want to make your life easy by switching your home to an automated one, don’t wait any longer. Use CASA Automation and elevate your lives with a wide range of their products.

You can also join CASA Automation as an independent installation partner or integrator and also as a channel partner.

To know more about CASA Automation products, visit their website

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