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Hi Profile Smart Card: Never pay for a visiting card ever after buying this!!



“All you need is ONE Hi Profile Smart PVC Visiting card that is a contactless card equipped with NFC technology. It works with a tap on a Smartphone to share your contact information instantly for unlimited networking especially amid Covid-19 Pandemic. Once you get Hi profiled, you never need to buy a visiting card ever again.”

We all love to create an unforgettable first impression on the personal and the professional front, from sharing contact information to lead generation. All this is possible with Hi Profile Smart Visiting Card that helps to Share Contact Information instantly within the first 15 seconds of meeting with just three easy steps – tap Hi Profile card on a Smartphone/ scan QR code, Open the link, click on save the contact and your information will be saved on your customer’s phone. Just like that!

The founders Karan Bansal and Vinita Beri Bansal have incepted Hi Profile smart visiting card with the unique concept as a substitute of paper visiting cards, with complete elimination, which is the need of the hour. In the words of the founder, “We believe sustainability is a matter of now, so for every Hi Profile card sold we pledged to plant a tree.”

They further stated, “As evident, approximately 20,00,000 lakh trees are cut down every year for the purpose of printing visiting cards and more than 80% of them are disposed within one week of sharing. Therefore, it becomes our environmental duty to pitch in technology and contribute towards green and cleaner world.”

Company Insights and Information

Hi Profile is a unique business card solution that instantly enhances networking with ease to share & save your contact in your customer’s phone. With a blend of NFC cards and data privacy knowledge, Hi Profile has created a product that eliminates this friction between smart visiting cards and paper visiting card users. Hi Profile offers both a physical smart card and a digital card: your Hi Profile Card and your Hi Profile Business Profile. It was built to provide the same user experience of paper business cards with a mix of PVC cards with technology. To use Hi Profile, the user does not need an app to exchange contact information. It happens with just a tap on the phone. One hi-profile card can last up to 150,000+ taps. Therefore, one hi-profile card means a visiting card for life even if you change jobs, phone number etc., Hi Profile has you covered. Just log in to your profile and edit the information anywhere, anytime. 

The Hi Profile smart Business card comes with the following unique features

– Share your contact details with just a tap seamlessly within 15 seconds of the meeting.

– No app is required to share information. 

– You can edit your information anytime, anywhere by simply logging in to your Profile

– A contactless visiting card that lasts up to 1.5 lakh taps, unlimited QR code & digital life

– Price is one-time charge starting at just Rs. 649, and you can also upgrade to customize the print of your card as per your requirements 

– One Profile holds the capacity to store all your Personal, Social media links and Company information for unlimited sharing

Paper visiting cards have become a hassle for everyone to maintain. Not just they are expensive, but they have made everyone cautious to remain contactless during COVID-19 times. Hi Profile’s smart visiting cards are the smart choice that helps in networking which is not just more affordable but can also be shared with anyone, anywhere. Hi Profile is a revolutionary digital & innovative physical business card solution provider which makes business card sharing seamless, secure and efficient that lets your customer remember you forever. Along with that, a tree will be planted for ever purchase that you do.

Hi profile smart business cards gives access to more networking benefits with instant sharing & saving. This makes sure your customer has your contact details when they need your product because of which Hi Profile cards have been declared to be great for teams and companies of all sizes, accessed by a vast clientele all across India.

Now it’s time to switch to systematic networking by adapting Hi Profile smart visiting card, moving on from traditional paper visiting cards and pave a path for more business opportunities. Indeed, Smart business cards are the future of networking even after Covid-19. The intelligent and smart business cards for smart people are available for purchase on their website   along with the availability on 

Visiting Card link for Hi Profile Support team: Https://

Email –   

Whatsapp / Phone: +916284761689 

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