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Kalpaka’ by Dr. Mekha Pradeep: First Global Multi-Web Store



Fashion is not just about wearing experimental and expensive clothes. It’s more of an emotional experience with the customs.While “Its all about falling in love with yourself”.

From a visual perspective, the boutique showcases the newest store design, with ‘state of the art technology and lighting’ throughout.

After the successful journey, Artist Dr Mekha Pradeep commence to launch a complete Multi Web Store Boutique ‘Kalpaka By Mekha Pradeep’ soon. Dr Mekha Pradeep is an Indian Artist who won many titles in National and International measure.

Turning from an Artist, Mekha has had no formal training in designing.“It is about knowing what to blend with what. What to wear and what not to wear. As long as you can think out of the box and make people say: ‘Oh my God, I want to wear that,’ you have succeeded as a designer.” However, she had always kept a close watch on fashion and been up-to-date on trends.It will not be about garments alone. It will be about styling as well, she says. “It is not enough that one wears fashionable clothes. In order to carry them off, one needs to get an idea about styling—the accessories that would enhance the appearance.”

Her new role  will not mean a goodbye from her current assignments. “Time is what you find for yourself. And if you are really confident about doing something, time will present itself.”

‘Kalpaka’ , the first exclusive full on Multi Web Store designer boutique will be on the air soon. Along with showcasing her signature , it will also provide a platform for one to one interactions on fashion, styling and makeovers.

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