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Is Online MBA worth it?



Before starting let’s discuss who needs an online MBA. Ideally, people who do not want to spend their entire 2years in a full-fledged course of MBA or are not interested in offline learning can opt for it. Secondly, people who are working typical IT companies and not enjoying their current job role, can do an online program and can change their stream.

Overview of the Session

  • Look for the corporate intervention, is it done by a 3rd party or totally outsourced or the corporates teach.
  • Check the placements offered as it is your full right. It is an investment done by you.

 Is it worth to do online MBA?

Now, to check your fitment, you need to interrogate a lot as it is something very new. To know, you need to consider these-

  • Speak to the cell.
  • Check the placement scenario, also, who will teach you.
  • Get to the counsellor, speak to them, give them your data and collect relative information.
  • When they call you back, understand the profile and ask them whether you are the right fitment or not. Make them responsible and ask about job and placements as well.

How do things work out in Online Program?

There are two types of online program based on the duration, commitment, fees etc. of the programs the institutions are providing.

Long term Programs

  • Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication (MICA)
  • Master’s Union Applied Finance by KPMG Master camp
  • ISB Applied Business Analytics
  • IIM Cal- Advanced programme in FinTech and Financial Block chain
  • IIM Lucknow Wiley Next Executive Program in Strategic HR
  • IIM Kozhikode Product Management
  • Operations: Certifications IIT Roorke

Short term program

15days Engage7 course- Students those are keen on learning on online platform/programs can take up this short term course. This is considered as the Consultancy course as if you are confused on which long term course to take for your fitment then you can consider completing this program and then decide which long term program fits you best. This program will give you a flavour of mini MBA to you. Thus, learn from every session then choose your fitment and finally, take your decision.

Hope this helps ! 

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