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Italian Vega – India’s Fast Growing Brand in Men’s Premium Formal Wears



Italian Vega is a Menswear Classic Fashion Brand focused on crafting and producing Outfits exclusively made of the finest Italian and Indian fabrics. Handmade with Super Talented craftsmanship, cut from the highest quality Fabrics and a wide range of Unique Designs. Make sure to check out the collection click here :

Founded in 2020 as a small ecommerce website but stepped on to the D2C way to grow business and Establish a Brand in Premium MensWear Category. It all Started in 2019, Founder and CEO, Shahrukh khan completed his Bachelors in Commerce from Agra University and was running his online business in software promotion and digital Marketing as a freelancer since 2013 in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Back in 2019, he saw a lack of fashion brands that offer custom made men’s formal wear, then he started his own ecommerce fashion Store that offers custom tailored formal wear. Beginning was tough as he comes from a middle class family and didn’t have enough funds to sustain in the business. Later on he bootstrapped the business with Brother and his Co-Founder Aamir Khan. Initially they were selling only pants made of Organic Cotton, Lycra, Linen. Still Pants is their Primary Product category, but they are also into Shirts and Shoes. Italian Vega has its own Manufacturing Unit with Super Talented Tailors and Craftsman. The Head of Operations Daud Mirza is always ready to conquer challenges for the quality and trust of the Customers. 

Italian Vega was bootstrapped by the founder and started the first month with Rs 4 lakh in sales. The startup is currently growing rapidly from its D2C channel and looks to grow 20-25 percent monthly.

“The monthly sales growth has been growing at 25 percent since inception. The average order value also grew from Rs 700 per order to Rs 1,200 per order” Saba Praveen (CCO)

Some USPs of Italian Vega products are – 

Strong Product: The first and the most important differentiator for Italian Vega is its Designs, material selection and quality control. Italian Vega products have superior design, craftsmanship and attention to detail. The luxury products are designed with the ultimate need of the premium category of consumers in mind. Most products they are offering are unique from those currently available in the market. Only the best materials, the finest curated designs and exceptional customer care are used. 

Customer Experience: Italian Vega is built to be the most customer-centric Premium brand with a technological edge. Every function in the company is customer-centric and each team member, irrespective of designation, is required to have a customer-first mindset. The team believes that the brand’s product offering is incomplete without the combined experience that consists of every little detail – be the user experience (UX) of the website, the checkout experience, payment experience, grievance management, the after-sales service or the everlasting consumer connection. Each Italian Vega product and purchase experience creates a unique consumer persona. Loosely speaking, these are the tiny details like color combinations, the trims, the packaging preferences and alike, that differentiates the Premium cognizance of one customer from another. The Italian Vega team understands these little details to learn more about what the consumer wants.

Premium  Perception: Italian Vega understands that there is more to Premium than just the premium pricing and a feeling of opulence. It is about connecting the consumer to the brand’s story, its reason to exist and its function in the fashion space.  To achieve this, the Italian Vega team takes various initiatives to connect to its customers so that the customers get a feel of why Italian Vega exists and what gaps it has filled in the generally monotonous Men’s Premium space.

Italian Vega will Expand its International Reach to 25 countries in coming years. India is a big-time exporter of fabrics. We have the world’s best shirting available at our home ground. World is ready to pay a premium for our shirts, suits and trousers. In the international market Italian Vega is primarily focusing on suits and Blazers.

Italian Vega will also get into the sustainable footwear/accessories category. They will also explore Mens Grooming in the next 2 years. Khan Brothers are planning to raise funds from reputed investors in India in the coming months and Bring some decent amount on the table to scale the business on a global level.

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