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Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year 2023: Kartik Khairnar Shines



Kartik Khairnar

To be a booming stock market expert you need a combination of knowledge, experience, and a keen eye for detail. By staying on top of the latest trends and developments in the market and providing valuable insights and guidance to investors, these experts play a crucial role in helping individuals and institutions navigate the often-complex world of investing.

Here we come with a successful journey of a teenage boy KARTIK.  KARTIK is considered the best fund manager in India, managing a total of 165 crores and holding personal assets exceeding 3 crores.

KARTIK KHAIRNAR is a 23-year-old Nashik, who is already making millions of dollars.  You might be astonished after reading his story. He began working when he was 17 and generated Rs 14 lakh in profit in his first year.

Awards and Achievements:

  • India’s Youngest Stock Market Expert National Record at the age of 22.
  • Present founder and CEO of TRADING CAPITALS which he started in 2017.
  • India Book Of National Records as India’s Youngest Stock Market Expert & Researcher
  • India’s Most Sparkling Star award as the entrepreneur of the year.
  • World record holder and awarded as Amazing Indian Personality Award 2022.

How Kartik is so successful at an age of 23?

Kartik began his journey when he was 17 years old. When learning about the stock market, he read numerous books. One of the most crucial components of becoming a stock market expert is remaining current on news and advances in the field. He closely monitored corporate earnings announcements, legislative changes, and overall economic trends, among other things, and as a result, his company is now one of India’s top stock market research firms. Services for traders and investors in the trading capital market. A lot was also learned from traders and investors. He founded his own business at the age of 23. The annual turnover of TRADING CAPITALS is now expressed in crores. Many traders and investors look up to him as an inspiration.

He developed the perseverance, commitment, and discipline that were crucial to maximising revenues during his learning phase. He used the knowledge he learned from reading books to help him develop company goals and methods.

Kartik continued to put a lot of effort into himself, which helped him become a great dealer. In 2020, he began offering stock market-related services. More than 7000 pupils are being trained by him, and he currently serves over 10,000 clients from across the nation. He is now regarded as a hero by the younger generation.

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