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Keshav: The young memer and one of the best content creator of India



“Keshav rose to fame with his content creation and meme page, ‘Sarcaster’, taking over social media feeds amassing millions of audience.”

Memes and content creation are on the rise in this digitally driven world. No doubt, a meme or any content keeps us entertained and charges us by putting a smile on our faces. It is a creation and art of an innovative creator with extraordinary talent. Talking about one such content creator and memer named Keshav who has made a room in the audience’s heart by creating more than 10K cute and sarcastic memes in the last four years.

Hailing from Amritsar, Keshav has been a content creator and meme on Instagram and Twitter for the past four years. His compelling and entertaining sarcastic memes are mostly relatable and the ones which are trending on social media. Social media is such a networking platform that allows every content creator to make their mark with captivating content. His creative reels on creating any song funny are eye-catching and drive audiences, which certainly gained more traction. He also shares tutorial videos on remixing with cringe reels or any funny content on the Internet. He has the exceptional capability to create any funny content in his way.

The journey of Keshav as a meme page started four years back just as a means of killing time, but gradually he developed a passion around it. His intense love grew so much that he began to his page”Sarcaster” on Instagram, and there was not even a single day when he hadn’t posted any hilarious content. He used to feel weird if he failed to post anything any day, and this consistency made him famous in no time on all social media platforms. Though he started as a passion gradually, it has become his profession. He began to entertain people that soon made him realize that he is made for content creation that could make people cheerful. Initially, it was difficult for his parents to accept Keshav’s work as a memer as they didn’t have much idea about the scope of work and future of content creation. They used to say, “kya pure din phone main Laga rehta hai”. Keshav tried his best to make his parents understand its bright future to earn money out of it. They gradually accepted his work and supported him. 

With time, his memes started becoming viral on many meme pages; he takes pride in sharing and considering himself as one of India’s top memer and content creators. He accepts every kind of criticism as a means of self-improvement and handles everything with the care that goes very smoothly. This motivates him to improve in his content as the day passes. He brings new content every single day so that the audience remains entertained. He says, “I gave my audience what they wanted, and in return, I got their acceptance, love and appreciation, and that is something which I cannot ask more.”

Keshav wants to continue with meme and content creation as of now, and recently he has started his youtube channel where he is focusing on creating trending original content. He is a huge fan of cricket and loves to spend time with his family. He is very close to his younger brother, who supports him a lot and often helps him create content. Currently, he is studying at Thapar University with a specialization in computer science. He has garnered a huge fan following from across the globe, with more than 232k followers on his official Instagram page and more than 100k followers on other social media channels.

If you are looking for funny and interactive ways to entertain yourself, then Keshav’s ‘Sarcaster’ page on Instagram and other social media channels are worth following!

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