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Khushi Sharma – the young girl with massive achivements



Khushi is a 17 y/o entrepreneur who belongs to the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. She is currently in class 12th. She started a publication with her best friend Urooj Fatima named Pixie & Pexels which is not just any publication house but a blooming family. In less than four months they have 85+ ongoing projects and have been featured on Daily Hunt and TheWeeklyMail. She also is the founder of The Metanoiah which is an NGO aiming to fight social stigmas, support women, encourage talent, promote afforestation, focus on mental health and support old age homes and orphanages. Also she is an affiliate marketer so she helps young entrepreneurs, students and people to earn passive income and help them grow. ACHIEVEMENTS AND AWARDS TILL DATE:

  • · Founded the publication – Pixie & Pexels
  • · Founded the NGO- The Metanoiah
  • · Founded five communities to appreciate all kinds of talent- The Inkversing Community, Mellow         Harmonies, Picturesque Shots, Satisfying Strokes and Dancing Dynasty
  • · Be the change award for being founder of Mission Hope
  • · OMG Book of Record Holder for the anthology Khoj
  • · Amazing Indian Record for the anthology Wonderland
  • · Nominee of Best Poet Award
  • · Compiled two anthologies and many are ongoing
  • · Co-authored in 30+ anthologies
  • · Completed Campus Ambassador Internship at International Model United Nations
  • · Attended IMUN Conference 56.0
  • · Volunteer at Young Volunteers Organisation
  • · LIC writing contest citywise second place holder
  • · 40+ certificates in various school and interschool events
  • · Won 1st position in 5+ events conducted by TwinWin India
  • · Featured in Safalta Ki Udaan, Fox Interviewer
  • · Published in Vibgyor,
  • · Featured in Classico Opine Magazine
  • · Featured on DailyHunt and TheWeeklyMail
  • · Interviewed in Mt Kenya times
  • · Nominated for the Game Changer Award and featured in Taare Zameen Par Magazine
  • · Won Stellar’s youth exemplary awards in the catagory for Best Entrepreneur
  • · Won the Best People award in the Catagory Best Entrepreneur by Achiever’s award
  • · Won Spectrum Shoorveer Award for being a COVID warrior
  • · Awarded the Best Entrepreneur award by Kalam Ratna Awards

Her inspiration is her squad – Aashi Toor, Anmolprit and Urooj Fatima, they are the people who have inspired her by their hard-work, selflessness and loving nature and always motivated her to become a better version of herself. If she here today, she owes it to these three people, specially Urooj. If it weren’t them she would’ve never been able to achieve all this. You can reach out to her at –

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