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Mantra Healthy Foods – Pioneered in healthy handmade nutritious food



Mantra Healthy Foods– Pioneered in providing healthy handmade nutritious food. Amidst the busy lives of people hustling in the continuous loops of today’s competitive world, food nutrition has been put aside by almost everyone. The craze for fast foods, the irregular diet, and improper food timings have caused a lot of imbalances among most people. All of a sudden, the consciousness about food has begun, and everyone is now keen on taking nutritious food. Taking this as an opportunity, many businesses have come up with various options and alternatives, and some of the products are unhealthy in a healthy mask. Mantra puts a check to all these dilemmas and has been continuing as one of the trusted brands in providing healthy and natural seed mixes over the recent years with a blend of nutrition, heritage, culture, and women’s empowerment.

“MANTRA – Healthy Foods” was introduced almost 7 years back with offering high nutrient & hygiene food products with safeguarding and promoting traditional and homemade method. Back then, “MANTRA – Healthy Foods”, was just a small setup in a home, but the passion and determination of their promoters were not small. They are big and are eager to produce nutritious food, imbibing culture and tradition all across the globe, and Mantra was ready to give whatever it takes. This is how “MANTRA – Healthy Foods”, now one of the leading brands in the nutritious food sector, was started back then with a genuine motive and boundless determination. Besides healthy food, “MANTRA – Healthy Foods”, is very keen on empowering women and led Mantra as a platform for women to grow and succeed. Throughout all the years, “MANTRA – Healthy Foods”, stood for all women, and Mantra employs only women and has grown into an independent 2500 sqft manufacturing unit.

In Gujarat, it is a custom that people have Mukhwas, a kind of mouth freshener, after a meal to intake nutrients that would boost them after the delicious meal. This boosted the morale of MANTRA   promoters, and they are keen to take the same rich culture to every part of the country, a product which have inherent nutritious values. Clear observation that health consciousness has become the need of the hour hence its promoters have the only motto to contribute the best to the society by giving nutritious and healthy food to the public through Mantra. Their vision to empower women and determination to provide handmade, healthy food to people all across the nation has brought Mantra to what it is today. 

The team of Mantra often says that the faith of customers in our products, word of mouth, and the positive feedback of customers what drives Mantra to move upwards and onwards. At Mantra, they always believe in good quality, natural products, rich traditional values, a neat and hygienic home-made approach and women’s empowerment. The team at Mantra always does continuous research to improve and enhance their products, and ensures that their products are qualified and do quality assurance before being offered to customers. The honest values of Mantra have established it across many regional chain outlets like Dhiraj & Sons, National Handloom, Osia Hypermart and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Big Basket, Flipkart and many more. Mantra is now working on becoming the leading healthy food manufacturing company and is looking forward to expanding their presence across the globe. Their genuine intent to provide handmade nutritious food, their vision to empower women, and their never-ending sincere efforts will surely take Mantra to greater heights.


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