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Mehvish Sayyad – Reflection of the Soul



“The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself”

Maya Angelou

Among the best creation of God , humans are considered to be one of the most beautiful and definitely superior. As each soul has a purpose to live. Reflected light on a soul here. Mehvish Sayyad is an undergraduate  student , pursuing her engineering in the branch of computer.  Describing her purpose in the world, learner and traveller in this world , can be the appropriate words. Apart from being a student, she is an aspiring writer,painter and shows keen interest in finance and economy. Belonging to an Indian family, currently living in Mumbai , this 19 years old soul lives with a motive to create a legacy, which is for she is in this world.

            For each one of us belongs to one ancestry, her family belongs to the religion of Islam. When many people just go through problems , she have been grown through them.Being more than a girl like sweet cicely, she is bold enough to battle the war of life , surving through psychological disorder , she never made it a point to gain sympathy. From perfoming well in academics, to gaining scholarships from top universities of Australia, her achievements list includes her certification from Trinity College of London, performer of the year. Her interest in sports too have achievements as getting awarded at State Level competitions. Being an aspiring writer, she have been co-author for various anthologies.

            When life throws bricks on her , she uses it to make a house. To reflect this more , she wasn’t lucky enough to experience various common things of society. Yet she have kept her soft , humble and childish side ,still alive . As a human , we fell emotions, so it’s obvious that weakness still surrounds her , as no human is perfect , her short temper and anxiety issues, sometimes stands as a barrier between her and goals.

                Stating about goals , she works to create a legacy , as we know , world remembers one , who do something , unusual from the rest. As a learning soul, her goals surrounds in the field of studies , like being doctorate in the field of computer , cracking worlds’ toughest exam of UPSC and being an entrepreneur. ‘We become what we consume’, for this she follows steps of some amazing people from around the world , which includes, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam sir and Leonardo Da Vinci. As no one can deny , they are the best among all.             Concluding on her , she notifies us , to be  who they want to be , not what society wants them to be. As life is a friend to none . Giving example of her , life extorted many things from her , but she is still thriving. Setbacks are confirmed, it’s just with us how we tackle . With this she lives her life.

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