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Pooja Pawar – A soaring star, A Leading Artist creating wonders in the Industry



Pooja Pawar is a self-taught creative artist who diversified into Landscapes, seascapes, and abstracts since 8 years as of 2022. Her interest in art was cultivated during her childhood by sketching and painting simple landscapes. Over the years, through the practice of simple landscapes and watching tutorials on YouTube, she learned some techniques that would help her to portray her style and natural ability to bring in a lively picture on a canvas.

Since 2018, she started traveling often, Pooja’s love for seascapes has grown ever since, and has been discovering new pathways to connect to her audience who loves traveling, reminiscing, nostalgic moments, tranquil memories, faded happiness, and much more.

She mentioned, “Fueled by imagination and adventures, I excite myself and hope to inspire as I explore the pathways of an artist. I could always ground and connect towards the sea or any huge water bodies.”

Anytime she would lay by the seashore or sit on the rocks of a water body, the waters hold the magic of healing and calming one’s mind. After laying and staring at the waves of an ocean for longer periods, the sight and aura of it triggered her to experience spiritual epiphanies and the longing to debunk the mysteries of an ocean with her own numerous perspectives leaving an everlasting yearning to return to the sea. A million thoughts would cross her mind whilst calming her nerves simultaneously as she accepted any thoughts emerging and delving gracefully.

Collecting these thoughts and more of ecstatic, nostalgic, some seashells, the salty air perfume, sunny, stormy clouds and memories by the shore, she has always wanted them to stay with her in her daily life helping to pause a moment while she reminisce them. Painting them would be her go-to savior to relish the ocean or the landscapes and the memory of them.

She also stated, “I hope my audience would find their moments of solace and tranquility through my paintings and add them to their living spaces adding it as a window to connect to their epiphanies and richness into their lives. I always encourage my collectors to select the artworks instinctively which you are drawn to that pause your time with calm and joy.”

Pooja’s work explores how beauty and hope can be found even in the midst of uncertainty we so often find ourselves in.

Her paintings represent a craving for moments of tranquility and desire for a state of stillness and sensation seeking amongst everyday city life and anytime one wants to escape the ordinary whilst aiming to bring people into a state of neural calmness and open up to new perspectives of life.

Her favorite art form is the seascapes (natural and abstracts) that which symbolize the unfathomable, mysterious, and flowy state of mind.

Pooja currently lives in Bangalore, holds a Masters degree in International Business, and wishes to explore and learn Art Philosophy.

She has displayed twice at the Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore in 2018 and 2021. Her recent group exhibit was at the Karnataka Chiktrakala Parishith, July 2022, and Lalit Ashok Hotel, Bangalore- August 2022. Instagram:

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