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Story of the C.T.O, The-Unique-Culture – Shuvam Panda



In this ever-changing environment, keeping a competitive edge means being able to anticipate and respond quickly to changing business conditions. Combining proven expertise in technology and an understanding of emerging business trends, The-Unique-Culture delivers a range of software development solutions that includes: E-business solutions, professional website design and development, Payment Gateway solutions, Time and attendance tracking software, HRMS Software, & many more like this. The Unique Culture; the name itself describes that they are the culture that piles you up uniquely. They have created thoughtful, original online experiences for your ideas, no matter how big or small. They work rigorously to give their clients a better experience every day. 

How it started?

The Unique Culture was founded in 2013, and its Bhubaneswar branch is led by Mr Shuvam Panda. He has the designation of Chief Technology Officer.

“Since my childhood, I was very interested and did explore about IT knowledge, I was always sure that I will start my own company as from class 3 and started my career as a Freelancer,” said Mr Shuvam Panda.

The Unique Culture provides various kinds of service starting from ERP, CRM, Hospital Management, College Management, AR & VR, e-commerce, digital marketing, Mobile application, Graphics design, Logo design and many more related to this. Company studies, design, develop, enhance, customize, implement, maintain and support various aspects of information technology.

“As the name suggest, we are unique. We are not competing with any other companies. We have our own path to follow to create new milestone day by day. We provide the desired & unique design for our clients. For us our every each customer is important. We provide Best client service and support. This is what makes us different from hundreds of other IT Companies.” – By The Unique Culture Team.

How Mr Shuvam Panda & The Unique Culture help others to be a Brand:

They are different, and they build products in a unique way. They make the journey from a company to be a brand. For every question, they have the solution. When a Startup comes to the market to grow its business, it needs many more things, but one of the points is online presence. They provide services like website design, App development and all. Once the start-up comes online, it needs more and more customer traffic to its portal. They provide digital marketing, digital promotion & social media marketing service. Once the startup starts growing through all these services, they need automation system software to manage the entire office. For that situation, they have dedicated ERP software to help that out. Once everything gets settled, a startup needs to manage multiple customers to handle they provide CRM software. Once they manage numerous customers, they have to take various manpower services & they provide particular HRM software for that. Now the time has come for the delivery part & for that, they provide Accounting, bookings keeping & billing software.

“We use very effective tools for product research as well as provide a vast range of product services right from new product launch till product packaging research. And we are always there to serve our customers. So for any inquiry or any IT service you can contact us any time.”

Recently, one of the online publishing news channels, Great Companies, has interviewed Mr Shuvam Panda and published their talk on their Site. They found out about The Unique Culture and about their work, so they got interested in taking his interview for their Press release site. “The interview went great, they asked several questions, and as CTO, it was my duty to answer all and justify that.”

 Shuvam Panda & his team always try their best to accomplish the goal, and they always work together innovatively. The Unique Culture is a multi-national IT & software company. They have provided services for the last 10+ years and are creating themselves better and better every day.

They obey the only agenda “serve our customer so that our customer will make us grow in the future”. 

Five years before, at that time, they had a single cabin office and a single Branch only in Bhubaneswar with very minimal knowledge. But in these nine years, they have learnt so much & handle more than 800 customers around the world.

One-piece Advice

Have a clear vision of where you want to go and the timeline for getting there & automatically, your surrounding will change.

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