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The Ambition Of Sampat Saraswat “Bamanwali”



“Man becomes great in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow-men – Mahatma Gandhi.” These words uttered by the leader of the nationalist movement, to this day, conveys the message of philanthropy. One shall be graced with richness but how many can we say are rich at heart? It is the responsibility and duty of the wealthy and resourceful people to provide assistance and cooperation to the ones in need. Generosity makes a man greater than possessing any extravagant material on this Earth. Our hospitality and benevolence decide whether the nation deserves to develop or deteriorate. Hence, we require people who aspire to be kind rather than act on their greedy instincts.

Sampat Saraswat “Bamanwali” is one such person. He is a social activist from Rajasthan, Gujarat & Delhi. He is benevolent and takes pride in giving back to the people in need. He has been operating as the head of an NGO SCL Foundation India since 2015. MR. Saraswat wears his heart on his sleeve and works for the people of this country.

He is a national panelist for Prasar Bharati in New Delhi. Prasar Bharati is the greatest public broadcasting agency in India. Currently working as CFO in one of the leading technology based company. His Central residence is in the heart of the country, New Delhi. However, he frequently travels between Delhi, Surat in Gujarat, and Bikaner in Rajasthan. Politically, he is an avid BJP supporter. However, he considers himself as more of a nationalist and socialist than a political-minded person. He has massive respect for his country and treasures her bearings. He is also a mountaineer. On 15th August 2017, he had the opportunity to hoist the Indian National flag on top of the Hampta Himalayan Pass. This act was commendable as it displayed true patriotism and courage.

Mr. Saraswat completed his lower and higher education from Hindi and English mediums, respectively. He is a Commerce graduate as well as MBA (HR). Throughout his school and university life, he remained an astute and intelligent student. He even secured the third position in CS in 2005. Soon after, Mr. Saraswat found his partner and tied the knot in 2007.

Mr. Saraswat has an extensive admiration for teaching. He has been teaching over 2000 students for the past seven years in professional studies. He has a keen interest in writing as well, his articles regularly published in different different print media and magazine. and earlier this year, he launched his first book “Jindagi – Muft Ya Sanvedansheel” on 24th July. Previously, he has also worked for education, health, and employee welfare. He considers the youth population to be vitally significant in leading the welfare and development of India in the future. He wants to work for the youth as their voice and face and provide aid for their predicaments. Throughout his life, he has proved that he only aims to be a listener of the people, a spokesperson for the silent ones, and a giver to the ones in need. He has achieved so much already and he still has a long way to go. Through his work, he has constantly proved how admirable he is. He is satisfied and proud of himself for working for the betterment of his country. He always raised voice of youth on National leading media house about Caste Based Reservation and Nationalism.

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