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Top 10 Writers Who Are Creating Wonders With Their Skills



Writers have always had great influence on the world as a result of what they write, or how their writings can change the world. We don’t necessarily have to talk about their writing style or how good their prose is, as that is, in any case, far too subjective: their greatness could simply be about their ideas – ideas that grab the attention of the world and change the world’s perceptions forever. Here, we list the top 10 writers who are creating wonders with their skills.

Top 10 writers who are creating wonders with their skills are

  • R K Mohapatra
  • Debanjana Ghatak
  • Anasua Ghosh
  • Mehtaz Nasrin Ahmed
  • Madhurima Guruju
  • Kiara Carter
  • Ahshaas Hussain
  • Priyanka K. Tiwari
  • Sujoyita Pal
  • Vimal Tiwari

Let us know about each of them below.


CMA R. K. Mohapatra is a blogger, speaker, writer, Social Activist, and Award-winning bestselling Author; he has vast experience 32 years of in the field of Finance and Accounts. He is known for his work on cash & wealth management, portfolio analysis, financial planning, and retirement planning.

He is a fellow member of the Institute of Cost Account of India (ICAI) and is now nominated as a committee member of the “Members in Industry & Business cell” of NIRC for the year 2022-23. Besides his financial acumen, he is also a philanthropist and activist in his own right and recently joined as a member of Sri Kalka Maa Dharmaarth Trust in New Delhi.

For his outstanding and significant contributions to IRCON and exceptional caliber to the world of Finance, he has also been awarded two prestigious international Awards: the 18th Edition Asia Pacific HRM Congress -Exemplary leader award 2019 and the 19th Edition Asian Leadership – Hall of Fame award 2021.

Mohapatra’s honest and striking portrayals of the corporate world earned him numerous national awards during the year 2022: Indian Glory Awards, “Best Writer of the year,” ” Criticspace Best Indian Author,” “Inspiring Indian 2022,” “Mahadevi Verma Sahitya Shiromani” and “Bhartiya Sahitya Ratna- Best Author Award” in recognition of his immense contribution to literature across talent domains, striving for excellence in genres across the Nation and beyond.


Debanjana is an ordinary girl with big dreams in her heart. She is an ardent lover of animals, Literature, music, photography, Nature and a strong believer of God. She loves to dream and enjoys dwelling in her fairytale land. She enjoys the tiny rays of happiness hidden in the smallest moments of life. She calls herself a believer and a dreamer. Professionally she is an English and Soft Skills faculty and has a great rapport with all of her students. She has already worked on 150+ anthologies as one of the co-authors. Debanjana also has two solo books, ‘Let’s Sing a Love Song’ published in 2017 and ‘Coffee, Music and You’ has just launched in October, 2022. She has won multiple awards for her writing skills, photography and painting respectively. You can follow her at Instagram: @dgwrites_

Let us read a content by her Titled “My Princess”

It’s been days you left me alone and gone.

I am left only with memories and I mourn.

You were the sunshine of my life,

Now darkness hovers around and I’m left to die.

Your white coat and brown tail made me happiest.

Now I look for you beside but the place is empty.

You were my confident but now me, the loneliest being.

I look for you every time but you are nowhere as far as my eyes could reach.      

You may be not here with me in flesh and blood

But will always rule my heart and will live in my words.

You were my partner of crime,

We took up many adventures and travelled with a smile.

We were best buddies and still we are,

Only you are not present but your essence still wanders.

We sauntered under moonlit sky and exchanged thoughts.

We chased each other without any reason and now nowhere to roam.

You roared with thunder and never left me alone.

You were chivalrous, you were brave, I was proud and still I am.

You were not so big but your heart was enormous.

You loved every creature which includes rats, birds and few scary beings.

You were not only mine but the heart of our estate,

Your untimely demise left all of us in distress.

You were the queen and had quite a number of lovers,

You were adored by all and you fancied little flowers.

You were least interested to eat but more into protest,

You were the fighter who was confident to fight with might and valore.

You were my strength as well as weakness.

Not even in my nightmares I saw myself without you, my princess.

We were sisters and best friends and you’ll be standalone in my aching soul.

I’m alone, I’m depressed, and you will always be my sweet furry friend whom I adored the most.


Author Anasua Ghosh has gained fame due to her deep and descriptive writing. She has already written two books and is all set to release her third one The Ripper, which is a dark psychopath thriller.

Anasua is a passionate writer and a voracious reader. Her childhood love for reading has finally pushed her to write her own stories. Her first book Miles Apart is a rom-com. The book was published in 2016. Then in 2021, she published her next book Kingdom Of Clay Book 1, which is a part of an epic high fantasy trilogy.

Currently, Anasua Ghosh is editing her third book The Ripper. It is set in the backdrop of Kolkata. Anasua is excited about the way her third book has turned out. She is about to announce the release date of The Ripper soon.

Anasua Ghosh has grown up reading mystery stories. Later she started reading thriller, horror, and fantasy novels. But mystery remains her favorite genre. The Silence Of The Lambs is one of her favorite books. When she is not writing, she is reading something.

Anasua is a book collector. She has a collection of 200 plus books at her Kolkata home.


Mehtaz Nasrin Ahmed is a writer and poet by passion. She is an M. Sc in Applied Geology and an active participant of the 4th South Asian Geoscience Conference, GEOINDIA 2018.She loves travelling to different corners of the country to explore and observe rock exposures, find out the geology in it and taste the tradition of the locality. The vast experiences  of her travel, people, culture, traditions, food and nature has always led her to form various opinion on the ongoing world and she chose to pen down those right from her childhood. In this way she has collected a bundle of her penned down thoughts and opinions in platforms like Your Quote App, admiring the beauty of the moment.

Let us read an article by her Titled “Mountaineering” :

In the roller coaster journey of urban city life, the thrill of adventure and the serenity of nature are necessary for a professional to lead a healthy life.

Mountaineering is simply an outdoor activity that involves ascending tall mountains which include traditional outdoor climbing, skiing and traversing . A mountaineer should have certain skills  for successful adventure. All mountain climber must have  certain survival skills on top of physical strength, endurance, resilience and cunning in order to overcome certain difficulties such as Nausea, vomiting, fatigue, dizziness and headaches, swelling of hands, feet and face etc. The most questionable issue a mountaineer may face is how the climbers defaecate and urinate during climbing. So, the climbers dig holes in the snow for their toilet and leave the faecal matter there. Today’s scientific advancements have made mountaineering a feasible career option that is both esteemed and well paid. Mountaineering helps in lowering the risk of heart disease, improve  health and take advantage of fresh air. The most important tools that a mountaineer must carry are navigation tools and sunglasses to escape from UV rays and to connect. With slick rope work and good level of ability, it is possible to climb long and hard routes too.


Madhurima, who hails from Hyderabad South India is an award winning Teacher, Writer, Visual Artist and Performance Poet. According to her, writing is like a therapy to deal with tumultuous situations and the pen is her only friend on which she relies to vent her tangled thoughts through poems and stories.

She published three solo poetry books last year, took part in several anthologies, while additionally holds experience in story telling and slam poetry at several open mic events across the nation. Madhurima had been featured on several other news web links for her remarkable contribution towards literary arts.

Her recent book “Musings on Life” from BookLeaf Publications and a Podcast titled “Musings and Memories” which is available on Spotify; comprising a series of poems and short stories related to lives of people has been fetching enormous appreciation and accolades from the readers and listeners across the world.


In her own words, “My first introduction to writing was mystical and exciting to me, albeit it would seem mundane and juvenile to any random bystander. I was just a child, but the allure of words and the landscape of unknown and unexplored words was not lost on me. Story writing practice was an activity I gratefully anticipated. It was a chance to release all of the swirling and ever-changing thoughts, feelings, and images in my mind onto a sheet of paper. However, my stories now take a different form. Poetry soon became my preferred apparatus and remains in that position. Why do I favor poetry so much? For me, it is like painting my own free-form watercolor painting with only my emotions to direct the coloring, shading, textures, and subject matter. It does not take long to dry and when it does, I can see the full picture and assess whether it resembles the part of me I wished to record on the canvas. It gives me a chance to see and share myself with others in the hope that they will see morsels of themselves. It is with the hope that we can all see these pieces of ourselves and seek the larger understanding of ourselves and the world that awaits all of us that I write poetry.

Please enjoy this sample of my work:”

Dis • hill ・lusionment

The grass

Is shards of glass


Won’t soon last

In socks

I think to pass

But once on this



Can one fully stand

Or do they just

Think they can?


Ahshaas is currently in a teaching position in Veer Surendra Sai English Medium School. He is also pursuing his B.Ed in English. He has compiled two anthologies this year- Once a Learner-“Always a Learner”, “India: Equal in love, Equal in Law”. He has also compiled many anthologies in the past few years. He has bagged many national and international awards like The Kalam Award for his poetry and ‘An ode to the teachers’, The Bravo World of Records for his anthology – ‘Mute Partners’ and many such prestigious awards. He is a gold medalist in English Language and Literature from Gangadhar Meher University. His writeups basically deals with self-love.He is also a national level swimmer. He has been featured in many a national and international articles. He is an accomplished painter, singer and dancer. He has a special love for plants and animals. He identifies as a proud feminist and tries to inculcate good values in his students. He in currently working in a project of translating Santhali folk tales. He has been an active participatant in Sambalpur’s Lok Mahatsav, the biggest community fest in Sambalpur. He has also taken part in Akashwani’s Manas Program to recite poetry. He is a very kindhearted person dedicating himself for the betterment of the community.

Let us read a content by him titled “You’re Magic!”

Even in pieces you are still the most beautiful human!

Having a heart of pearl,found in none.

Magic is the one,

Something rarely nourished by anyone.


“To me,

Poetry is the confluence of

Words that breathe,

Emotions that bleed,


Thoughts that burn!”

Priyanka Tiwari had a poetic disposition and a flair for writing from childhood on. Her first poem was published in a newspaper when she was 8. She won her first national – level award in short story writing the following year.

Throughout her academic career, writing helped her strike a balance between her studies, extra curricular activities and her own mysterious & magical inner world.  Her vivid imagination as well as her overwhelming sensitivity to the world around her  found an outlet through the medium of words and verses. She used to frequently contribute poems and articles to local newspapers as well as to newsletters and magazines published by her alma maters. Though English was her preferred language for expression, she honed and developed her poetic skills in Hindi as well.

Advent into professional life and responsibilities temporarily took her away from her writing. A graduate in Biotechnology, she became  associated with the field of Human Resources- Organisational Psychology with time. Travelling, photography, reading, socializing and spirituality became her passions. Her photography work can be accessed on her Instagram account @pri_at_insta.

In 2020, however, when COVID-19 wrecked havoc all-over the globe and the whole world was thrown into a state of lockdown and uncertainty for almost two years, her own world also descended into chaos and stagnation. The pandemic-induced isolation, restriction and anxiety compelled her to seek solace in the world of Words and her romance with writing was rekindled again. She began pouring her heart and soul on paper, to navigate through the uncertain times. However, she couldn’t initially summon the confidence to showcase her writing work to the world. Her confidence received a major boost when her poetry “Fire and Brimstone” , which describes the grim reality and futility of warfare, was selected and featured by an international publishing house Inner Child Press International in their annual anthology – “Poetry – the best of 2020 : Poets of the World”. Thereafter, on New Year Day 2021, she won her first National level accolade for poetry writing, when her Hindi poem “अन्तर्द्वन्द की पुकार” was chosen among the best 10 works in Hindi, out of a total 7000 contributions from across the nation.

Since then, there has been no looking back for Priyanka in her writing journey. She has been a co-author in more than 30 anthologies – both national and international. She has also won a few more awards in poetry as well as short story writing, on a  national level. She also holds a BRAVO WORLD RECORD for her contribution to the anthology on women “Ek Naari Sabpe Bhaari”, published by the famous Flairs & Glairs publishing house. On International Women’s Day 2022, she was invited for a live poetry reading and exclusive interview on her writing journey and views on women empowerment.

Priyanka sums up her writing journey and passion for words in the following verses –

“Writing became my love,

When as a shy, withdrawn tot

I stumbled upon the Wonderland of someone’s imagination

Brought to life by Words –

Fairies, Unicorns, Mermaids,

Fiery Dragons that kept vigil

Far-off magical lands

Where miracles never ceased…

My fertile li’l mind realized

How the potent power of Words

Would help me weave my own World

A far cry from the absurd reality of Adults!

And to this day…

Words keep my sanity in check

And reality in perspective.

Words are my weapons,

Words are my elixir…

And still they wonder,

Why do I lust after words???”


In her own words, “I am Sujoyita pal. I live in Kolkata at baranagar. I have completed my graduation in English from Calcutta university after that I have completed my masters degree in English from rabindrabharati university and after that I have completed my B ed in English from adyeapeath annada b. Ed college. Now I am searching a better job and also I am preparing myself for government exams and also I am grooming myself for private jobs and learning some of computer programming and basic skills. My hobby is to write quote and poems. In this field I have got many awards like india fame award, swami vivekananda award, anyone do search in google by my name, they will get all details about my achievements.I am a certified writer. I love to doing net surfing or net searching.”

Let us read a content by her Titled “Teacher- guide, Friend, philosopher, godfather”

Every Teacher is like a box of matches to every student. A match box helps light the fire to every candle, just like that A Teacher helps to light up the career of every student.

Every Teacher made the students in his own way. Teachers are like an enlightening soul, that inspires every student and helps them become real people. Teacher teaches us the value of life, and how to fight against bad times, and also above all Time is also a good teacher and way viewer.  A good teacher teaches the students how to utilize every moments, every seconds there is. A day that is not specific to the teacher who taught us Academically. Teacher is the one who gives a good thoughts into our minds which remains strong even years pass. Teacher who guides and protects the students from every aspects and it is totally unconditionally. Everyone is a teacher in their own way. And last of all we should respect that teachers also have emotions.


Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, Vimal Tiwari is synonymous with controversy on TV debates. We have seen him arguing ferociously in Hindi on political matters on national TV, but little do we know about his poetic journey. Vimal has performed in various stage shows as a poet/shayar and will soon publish a series of Hindi poetry written by him. Tiwari is also a prominent businessman and social activist, known particularly for ‘Vidyadaan by Vimal Tiwari’ to needy children.

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