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Washmart – Fastest Growing Affordable Laundry & Dry Cleaning Brand in India



The growing popularity of the dry cleaning and laundry business among people, especially working women, is transforming the industry. This business has got a considerable prospect than it was a decade ago. Dry cleaning and laundry are rising as valuable and essential services nowadays because of the factors like nuclear families, growth in women workforces and changing lifestyles. These aspects are contemplated to enhance laundry services among employees, college students, and daily workers.

The laundry service has observed a significant boost in the past few years because of ease in cleaning clothes with doorstep facility. On-call laundry and dry cleaning services have grown the cleaning industry and have been appreciated by customers. We at Washmart Laundry offer exceptional laundry services, exciting prices, and convenience facilities to customers.

Laundry Business Model

This is one of the few businesses where any entrepreneur can start a business with less or without training, especially with the help of Washmart Franchise. Finding prospective customers is the key to your success in the laundry business. The Laundry or dry cleaning industry is highly underrated, thus making it an attractive sector for investment as competitors are very low. As the market size is enormous, a customers base can be gained in no time through the right services and marketing plans.

This is necessarily the business aligned to the busy people who are searching for the local laundry store. Regular customers assist in making a valuable and potential customer base. A company or service provider using less dangerous cleaning detergents and more eco-friendly cleaning techniques while cleaning is suggested for a healthy and eco laundry atmosphere.

About Us

Washmart offers you very convenient and reliable laundry and dry cleaning services at reasonable prices. Washmart laundry cleaners are only a call away, trying to save customer’s time and energy when they are looking to book their service. Our team is always there to assist our valuable and regular customers. 

Here at Washmart Laundry, we bestow the unassailable laundry cleaning experience. Our professional cleaners use the best quality of eco-friendly laundry and dry clean chemicals to clean your garments, observing the material and the quality. Since it is essential to understand the fabric design first, we find the material quality and then perform cleaning. We are the leading Dry Cleaning Company in the growing industry. In addition, we provide home cleaning and shoe cleaning services.

Washmart as a Business Opportunity

If you are a budding entrepreneur or individual  searching for a new business opportunity, in that case, you must let your skill to use in running a laundry business franchise. Start from its advantages on tremendous and efficient success rate to avail the benefits of full marketing support from Washmart Laundry. 

Laundry and dry cleaning services put together as one is a thriving and most beneficial business idea for starting a franchise. Opening your laundry franchise in India will never let you struggle to get regular customers for your store; India, a lively-growing country, has a vast number of busy working individuals searching for a top-rated and the best laundry service company to experience their clothes gets clean. It would help run an effective dry cleaning franchise business with Washmart Laundry to lead in this industry. The minimum requirement to be a franchise partner is to have a commercial space of  250-300 square feet and starts from INR 9.5 lacs  to invest in the best laundry franchise. 

We offer a plethora of facilities in running your laundry franchise with an assurance of a higher ROI. A dry cleaning and laundry franchise business have enormous scope examining the factors of a potential customer base and the growing market in India and worldwide. Currently, we have our laundry & dry cleaning franchise stores in 6 states and looking forward to have a pan India presence in the coming two years.

Get in Touch

With no additional hindrance, connect with the best and professional company to join our laundry franchise program to make your thought of running a laundry franchise into a reality! We will help our laundry franchise partners with complete marketing and setup support to boost the business in their local area. Our franchises will experience the advantage of our advertising, business reputation, and modern automation in engaging customers. 

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