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20-year-old deals with unicorns business!!!



Square Matrix Innovations is a Development Consultancy firm that drives innovation through technology, education, and health research. They are tech innovators who partner with corporations and organizations to reduce the risk of technological adoption and manage organizational change. 

SMI clients don’t have to worry about the complications of deploying and managing a digital solution. SMI provides its clients with a fully integrated system at an affordable price point.

 Mr. Sabooruddin Ahmed will help you create a customized business model for your company at no cost, allowing you to focus on growing sales and building relationships with customers. 

Founder/MD Sabooruddin Ahmed 

The Founder of SMI has had his feet in the business from the very young age of 14 years and started his career by taking freelancing projects and achieving them through a passionate team with a complete digital infrastructure.

 At the beginning of 2019, AE Tech Freelancing took on a new name and an office in Hyderabad. The business employed four developers who worked with mobile apps and software, though this was another bump in the road for AE Tech Freelancing after many ups and downs. 

As Mr. Sabooruddin Ahmed founded AE Tech, he established a sales team and partnerships with all channel vendors to scale the business quickly with corporations and startups alike by seeing all the rising companies.

 In 2019, Mr. Saboor laid the foundation for FlillKart with his college mates and began delivering orders in 30 minutes as compared to Bigbasket’s 2-hour delivery guarantee (which is still a much slower option than Flillkart). However, when JIO MART entered the market this December—with its promise of same-day or next-day deliveries—Flinkart immediately changed tack from being a purely online grocery store to an offline/online hybrid model. The founders had planned to sell the business and continue with their previous ventures. 

A few clients in the Middle East bought a share of Flipkart. 

After the pandemic hit India, Mr. Sabooruddin Ahmed saw no challenge in his business as the digitization work culture was already well-known to him, and he knew how to build a team for it; this time, partnering with another agency made multiple clients, but deadlines kept coming up which forced reworking on everything from scratch with an office in Banjara Hills one of the prime locations in Hyderabad and took investors for setups and marketing,

 When government guidelines were relaxed in 2021, the business was unable to retain its international clients and came to a complete closure that year. The last project it worked on for Saboor & Gaurav Technologies was in healthcare. 

Mr.Sabooruddin Ahmed also spoke at the Engineering College in Hyderabad, and he is a member of the American Education Council. He represents India on that panel. 

Square Matrix Innovations has developed powerful research methods that deliver 98% accuracy. The company now serves thousands of businesses, offering its services for free and providing a customizable scalar plan to ensure your documents are supported.

 However, the process of choosing clients is a long one—so Square Matrix Innovations Ltd. accepts applications through its website at

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