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An Entrepreneur Journey From Mumbai Local Train to Luxurious Car – Sadam Dalvi



The successful journey of Sadam Dalvi from a Mumbai Local Train to an Audi Luxury Car As an entrepreneur is quite inspirational. Sadam Dalvi, a 31-year-old Business Tycoon from India, is the founder and CEO of the world’s most Quick Service Company, FWC Group. He started his journey at the age of 20 with a vision of creating a solution for people looking for the Best Service around the globe, and he is on the path to successfully achieving his goal.

Sadam was a Business freak from a very young age. Another of his passions was to Make A Business around the world. He realizes that there is a need for affordable and Best service in India. 

This gave him a hunch to do something to solve this problem, so he combined his love for Business with his obsession with Digital technology to make something useful. It was difficult for him at the beginning as he did not know anything about entrepreneurship, but as he developed his plan, Times Start Changing. 

Entrepreneurship is not a destination. It’s a journey where one has to keep on learning and improving their knowledge and skill set. Sadam started his journey by launching Digital Company, which helped people to locate and book affordable Services near them. This directory of affordable services helps clients to find pocket-friendly and Quick services.  

Sadam Dalvi Career Journey 

Having acquired a relevant degree in Merchant Navy, he moved to Mumbai to try his luck in Bollywood, but he didn’t even have enough money to pay rent. He walked from studio to studio, set to set, all day, finding himself doing only petty roles. He was staying in Villager Hostel as a roommate, but things were very difficult. Then He approached His Friend, asking if he could stay at his Workplace. The friend agreed and gave him a place in his office to Stay.


He made his Bollywood Album debut with Miss India, where he played a lead Role. He even acted in television serials like Jodha Akbar On Zee Tv and Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar On Sony TV and Also Did Modeling for Brands like Amazon, Flipkart, and some Designers. However, he got real recognition for the Project he worked for.

But Suddenly, The work Stopped coming to him, and the time became worst day by day, But His family did not know about His Downfall. While Struggling in Bollywood, he started Giving interviews to companies that he planned for future Business and Earning Daily needs. Bad luck was very strong that he Got Rejected by 25 + companies In Interviews, and finally, he got a job For 7000 Per month, for which he traveled every day from Bhendi Bazar To Thane By Mumbai Local. In a recent interview, he talked about the job he did. His struggle was Unbelievable, but at the same time, he started three companies but got failed every time he made them. 

( His First Company Name was Zoam Clothing Pvt Ltd )

He was depressed for many years. He was shocked like he had no work and negative thoughts of people made him more dispersed (The total Struggle period was more than 10 Years) 

{Sadam says I Believe Before Starting any Startup You Should be The First subject Matter To Operate a Business }  

“At the time of Lockdown he was the happiest man on the earth he said because at that time I was not only a person who was jobless whole world was jobless so it was not that much painful like all days the went through” 

( My Family was very supportive of me all my life)

After the lockdown, there was a wedding function for his brother, and He decided this function was the last function of His life bcoz

 “He is going to Quit His life.” 

A Day Before Wedding He got A Call  

A Year was 2021 

The year 2021 was the turning point for him 

“The time changed, and his Life changed.”

Recently As per the Reports, He is The Owner Of more than five companies. He have his Own YouTube Channel ( Sadam Dalvi ) from Which he Is Earning, He Helps many New Startups to grow, helps clients from Industries Like Insurance, Merchant Navy, and other Business And has Networks from All States in India, and also serves countries like China, Bangladesh, Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Egypt, Gulf and many more.

Today He Is also Known as Digital Company Man 

(Network is Net Worth – Sadam Dalvi )

Sadam says People think I make it Fast, but only my family Knows How many years, how many nights, how many Sundays, and how much family time I Compromise In my life to Make what Sadam Dalvi is Today.

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