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Army boosts capabilities in Ladakh by switching from artillery weapons to rockets..



In May 2020, a conflict on their shared border between China and India began. While the two sides have made some progress in removing hostile forces from several hot spots along the LAC, negotiations to resolve the impasse that has stymied bilateral ties are still ongoing.

While pursuing the development of light tanks for mountain warfare, futuristic infantry combat vehicles (FICVs), and the acquisition of new carbines, the Indian Army is quickly enhancing its capability in the Ladakh sector with a variety of weapons and systems, including artillery guns, swarm drone systems that can carry out offensive missions in enemy territory, longer range rockets, remotely piloted aerial systems, and high-mobility protected vehicles.

According to one of the aforementioned officials who requested anonymity, the army’s focus on enhancing combat capability along the contentious border with China is a component of a larger strategy to steadily improve its operational readiness to meet any challenge posed by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The army’s plan to confront China along the LAC is centred on capability development. We are strengthening our military posture through a multifaceted strategy. Government approvals for various projects are on the way, and there is a sharper focus on indigenization for capabilities enhancement, according to him. Emergency procurements are also taking place.

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