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Bioworld is Making Best Out Waste Direct from Nature’s Lap



Preserving nature and the environment is out duty. One cannot stop it until this exploitation of our natural resources is stopped and fortunately the current generation has realized how important is to use eco-friendly products. According to Global Consumer Insight Survey of 2019;

  • 35% of respondents said they chose sustainable products, 
  • 37% said they looked for products with environmentally friendly packaging, and
  • 41% said they avoided the use of plastic

In India as well these products and the eco-friendly industry have seen a surge in the last 5 years. There is growth of 73% and counting. Not long ago there were no alternatives or there were very few of them but now the times have changed. There are manufactures, producers, exporters and distributors of eco-friendly products and they have changed the outlook towards which people see the world. One of the firms that is working hard for the cause is Bioworld. 

Bioworld, though active in this sector in 2007 and it has been continuously working to provide eco-friendly products not just in India but across the globe. They are widely recognized as exporters of eco-friendly products. Their products have reached more than 13 countries and the number keeps on increasing. The global graph suggests that the eco-friendly industry will rise to 74 billion dollars in next 10 years and as the demand of the products keeps on increasing the variety of products increases too.

Bioworld offers various types of products of exquisite beauty, products of day-to-day usage that are needed by people every now and then are offered by them include;

  • Palm Leaf Plates
  • Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Coco Leaf Straw
  • Coir Door Mats 
  • Wooden Combs

And various other Areca Products that have become the sensation of the current times. A lot of people are not aware what Areca is, Mr. Shivashankar, Managing Director of Bioworld says, “The Areca Palm is one of the important commercial crops in South India. Though the betel nut is widely used in various forms yet the sheath attached to the leaf of areca nut tree is not used for any productive purpose. Bioworld collects these Agro waste and changes to wealth and uses it for a productive purpose.”

Bioworld and the team of professionals that work behind the curtains have made it successful and so capable that today it has its offices in USA and Australia and soon they plan to expand in various countries. They started out with a simple mission of promoting eco-friendly biodegradable products. Products that would give future generations, or better the planet and environment that we inherited from out ancestors. And now they have added on them to fight against harm that is caused by non-biodegradable items and their mission has now become a global cause for which everyone is working together.

The manufacturing process of these products is done carefully under supervision of experienced professionals. Alongside producing eco-friendly products these products are manufactured by people from rural areas so that they get employment and lead a good lifestyle. Although there are different quality standards that are being followed by Bioworld because of the term and conditions and different parameters that are enforced by different countries there is no compromise in the quality whatever the parameters are the premium quality products always match them and get a green signal. 

There are now alternatives to plastic and poly products but the awareness is yet to spread en masse. Once that is achieved there is no going back to old residuals. They’re also encouraging and working on young passionate entrepreneurs who are interested to work in this field and revolutionize the world with this business.

It has been recorded that due to the increase in eco-friendly products the CO2 emission has reduced drastically and Bioworld aims to keep the trend low. By the end of 2025 Bioworld plans to expand in and over 25 countries and bring a positive change in the world and in the lives of people.

They call for a united call to eliminate single use plastic and provide a healthy life to ourselves, and to our future generations. 

To buy and be a part of this cause, visit and know more about Bioworld;

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