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Discovering the globe – journey of Indian brand Peter J Perfumes



It is not strange that the fragrance industry has recovered with a boom following the epidemic, given that we spent nearly two years (and longer, for some of us) covered up and having our sense of scent taken away. Luxury brands are adjusting to new trends after suffering a significant setback in 2020, followed by other mid and low-range brands. Nevertheless, the scent business survived the pandemic and developed into an accessible luxury for many. The scent business has begun to address the need to start catering to a wider Gen-Z audience by shifting from the blingy, rigidly gendered ways of product development and promotion to a gender-neutral, sustainable, polished, and clean image, just like other beauty and fashion companies.

Taking advantage of the circumstance, a young B.Sc. chemistry student, indulged in his love of fragrances and created India’s first homegrown luxury fragrance company, “Peter J” in 2014. The CEO of Peter J, Mr. Mitesh Acharya has been in the industry in everything relating to perfumes for Almost a decade now. In order to create a carefully curated collection of perfumes that are a treat for your senses as well as for those who are around you, Peter J’s team of professionals searched far and wide and created a variety of fragrances that hit the right notes for your olfactory senses.  Despite facing numerous rejections in its early stages, the team continued their quest and after a series of trial and error, came out with a range of homegrown fragrances that appeal to all your senses. During their trial period, they also gave away free samples of the scents in exchange for candid feedback. Peter J has slowly become the name for everyone’s favorite international trademark scents, and it was established under the Groombox Beauty Essentials banner.

As the newest status symbol, perfumes are quickly overtaking bags and shoes. Wearing a perfume that causes passers-by to turn around and ask you what fragrance you are wearing is a recognizable modern cultural marker. However, unlike purses and footwear, scents are more about identity than exclusivity. An individual’s scent expresses who they are. It’s not surprising that social media has become a growing proponent of scents. Social Media apps for perfume recommendations are brutally honest and entirely pure because the content is virtually entirely un-monetized and un-sponsored.

The team at Peter J understands the role our sense of smell plays in our daily life. Just one whiff of perfume can evoke strong emotions in you, such as confidence, excitement, or nostalgia.  The market for perfumes in India is enormous, and shoppers tend to focus more on the perfume’s durability than its quality. In order to bridge the gap between the public and the Indian perfume market, Peter J decided to establish their own line of reasonably priced luxury fragrances. The goal was to provide an upscale olfactory experience for the Indian market at a price that would not degrade the product’s quality. Peter J is thrilled to bring you to a brand-new universe of scents that gently yet directly strike your soul. The goal is to make luxury more accessible to those with sophisticated tastes by taking the price out of it.

Peter J is solely dedicated to delivering the top scents from around the globe to your sleeves. Because having a pleasant scent gives you the self-assurance you need to face the world.

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