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Has Covid taken Toll more on Our Mental Health :



Summary :

We all experience influences on our thoughts, actions, and feelings. The causes of mental illness can be various e.g. Traumatic events, neglect, disability caused by an accident, death of a loved one, genetic disruption, brain defect or injury, developmental effects, etc.

The symptoms of each type of mental illness are different :

1)Symptoms of Anxiety:

Many forms of anxiety disorder, and each of these forms is different in its own way. Some of the common symptoms of discomfort are:

Career, money and health etc. Constant anxiety about life situations.

Sleep disturbances or insomnia

Excessive pain in the head, limbs or muscles.

2)Symptoms of depression:

There is a lot going on in a depressed mind. Some of them may be purely suppressed thoughts, which are not clearly recognizable. Feelings of sadness or emptiness.

Overeating or starvation, Insomnia or excessive sleep & fatigue.

Different types of pain in the body.Digestive problems.Lack of optimism.Feelings of uselessness.

Feelings of discomfort and guilt

Suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

3)Symptoms of schizophrenia:

The symptoms of schizophrenia vary from person to person, especially in adolescents ,adults & Teenagers.

Hallucinations,Sleep deprivation,Loneliness,Decreased enthusiasm.Academic performance coming down.Adults can perceive False beliefs and hallucinations.Vague, Irrelevant and incomplete communication.Reversible behavior, shocks of anger or aggression, reactivity.Lack of proper care and hygiene.Running away from social interactions.

4) Symptoms of Autism:

Autism can have a variety of symptoms, but the number of visual symptoms is tremendous. This can be delayed in the baby that may shy away from talking. At the same time, children are unable to express emotions in their communication, do not understand gestures, even when called,cannot express feelings while communicating.

7)Symptoms of Delayed Milestones and Socializing:

Some symptoms may appear in each case.

Late in growth stages such as sitting, crawling, standing and walking.

Start speaking late or speak vaguely.

Transactions that are not age-appropriate.IQ less than 70

Unable to take care of daily activities or self.Lack of memory & reactivity and lack of curiosity.

Dependence and low self-esteem.

Lack of concentration, stubbornness and frustration.Inactivity and withdrawal from social activities.

Treatment of Mental discomfort

Medications are being prescribed to help alleviate the symptoms. In extreme cases, sedatives may be needed.

Treatment of depression

Treatment of depression is three-dimensional includes:

Antidepressants are used to treat the condition. They are mostly prescribed in cases of severity and never in the case of children.

Psychiatric treatment & Counsellor focuses on the management and handling of personal problems. Support groups such as colleagues, friends, neighbors and family are important in suggesting practical solutions to cope with depression and help the individual cope with the situation.

In cases of acute and pernicious depression,electroconvulsive therapy may be performed.

Treatment includes the following points:

Medication provided :

1)Anti-psychotic drugs are the most commonly prescribed drugs. This allows the characteristic symptoms to be treated. Treatment using antipsychotics is preferred to the lowest possible dose.

Electroconvulsive and magnetic therapy

This is recommended for people with hallucinations.

2)Psycho-social treatment

It is a complex treatment modality that includes a reactive ,collective approach, rehabilitation and treatments to combat alcohol and drug addiction.

Then there is the need for a special teacher, who will not only look after the child’s personal needs, but also help him to acquire life skills quickly.

Counseling,Medication (in very rare cases),Treatment of ADHD

There are different types of treatments, including alternative and natural therapies. Medications can be given to increase the levels of dopamine or norepinephrine in the brain in the form of hormones and non-hormones. While the benefits are obvious, there can be side effects.


Natural remedies include following a healthy diet, engaging in physical activity, and adhering to sleep patterns. Yoga and meditation have also been shown to increase concentration and reduce stress.Engaging mind and bringing up with new hobbies can divert mind.Increase socialising and always be happy and try to compare our situation with the underprivileged which makes us realise how better placed we are.Do as much of social service to underprivileged and poor which is in turn service to God.Covid has taught many positive things in life and bought out talents in ourself which were unknown.Dont let the Covid affect your mental being be strong positive and keep doing your best.Thats the mantra of life.

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