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How a Design Studio is Redefining Design & Branding for Startups



“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” –Wayne Gretzy, Hockey Star

What Wayne Gretzy said about ice hockey is equally true for entrepreneurs and startups. While established brands are concerned with what they have already created, startups are more interested in where the puck is going to be, aiming to create something that was never experienced and never seen. It charters to an unknown territory.

The branding, graphics, and content needs of startups are not the same as those of established brands. Their needs are more dynamic and result-oriented as they follow no set templates or precedents.

Most corporates and established brands, on the other hand, have their branding guidelines, personality, tone, voice, vision, and mood, already defined. Also, they have separate teams for PR, marketing, graphics, and so on. So, they need a design studio that works with the set tone and voice and comes up with content.

Startups are different. They are evolving and in the process of creating their branding, defining their vision, and identifying their tone and voice. 

And this cannot be done in isolation – it gets affected by every aspect of the startup and in turn affects every aspect of the brand. Therefore, it needs a team that is flexible enough to incorporate dynamic requirements and friendly enough to work as a part of the team as a fellow entrepreneur.

They need someone who can think outside of the boundaries of the corporate boardrooms and create the identity and voice of the brand. After all, boardrooms are too small for creative sparks to fly.

Fishyhue Studio is a start-up-friendly branding, design, and content studio that provides friendly and flexible services for such dynamic requirements.

Being Startup Friendly

Fishyhue Studio has been working with various established brands and startups for over a decade now. In this journey, they realized that the startups and entrepreneurs are looking for a more flexible and friendly approach from the design firm, both in terms of design and consultation. 

Fishyhue Studio has been following a startup-friendly approach in all its services.

A few differentiating features include:

Start From Zero

A startup is created when you have a product. However, there is still much left to do before you can market your product. This is the time when you create the tone, voice, branding, and outlook of the brand. Fishyhue studio understands this and works closely with the founders themselves to create the brand identity and voice from scratch that reflects their vision.

Friendly Advice

As a founder of a startup, you juggle many hats and ensure that all the members and the teams are in tandem. As a design studio, Fishyhue aims to understand the product, concept, and vision and help the founders to take an informed decision regarding their branding and creative elements. It aims to provide the founders with better and cost-effective alternatives and a multitude of options whenever possible.


The startup is like the nascent universe just after the big bang. No concept of time, no precedents, no set rules, and full of energy. Fishyhue Studio provides services that are flexible enough to answer the dynamic needs of a startup.


One thing that sets apart genuine startups from other businesses is the fact that startups aim at a long-term gain. They look at spending as an investment for their future brand. For them being cost-effective is more important than being cheap. Fishyhue aims at providing affordable solutions that give good ROI over time.

Fishyhue is a branding, design, and content studio providing start-up-friendly services for over a decade. For more details, please visit

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