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If you believe in yourself and follow your passion, then nothing is impossible – Vinisha Ruparel



I consider myself as a self-taught artist, and my story goes like this: Every family wants a planned future, decent degree, excellent job, a decent life partner, and settlement. But I didn’t have any plans. I was enjoying my life and following my hobbies. It’s okay if you don’t have goals, and that’s what I learned before coming to Ahmedabad after dropping out of CA entrance; that was the first time I saw failure in my life.

After coming to Ahmedabad, the city of my dreams, I followed my passion. I got admitted into a BBA program, and there, my hobby of doing art got on the stage when I participated in the spot painting competition for the first time, and also, I stood 1st! One by one, I won 38 competitions at the state and national levels. I also got acknowledged as an ‘Artist of the Year’ by two well-known institutes in between my graduation. On the other hand, I cleared the NID Entrance exam – NATA.

But, I had to drop this opportunity as there was no one to support me and help me go forward. From that day onwards, I lost the confidence in getting formal learning or being a certified artist! Gradually, I completed my first year and again faced the same old question- ‘What after BBA?’, ‘Will you come back home without any Professional degree?’

I said, “I am not coming back.” That was no longer an option for me; MBA was the only way to stay back in Ahmedabad. I started preparation for the CAT MBA entrance exam. In between, I came across 38 competitions in different modes of painting in 3 years at the time of graduation. That lead me to an opportunity of taking a workshop at GLS University.

In between all this, I met my mentor, Mr. Nirav Shah, and he asked me one question that changed my life, “What are you doing in the Management field, being such a good artist?”

In the last year of graduation, I became a visiting faculty in GLS University as a Workshop facilitator of Visual Arts & Craft. With 2 Titles, “Student of the Batch’16” and “Artist of the year’16” in GLS. I finally decided to start my own brand, ‘Vinnie’s Art World.’ Simultaneously, I cracked the CAT exam with 97.83%ile and had an admission letter from IIMA, IIMB, IIMC, NMIMS, & Nirma University! I went for PI Round at IIMA. Obviously, if you have a call letter from IIMA, you will go for it first! In between, all engineers were there from IITs. I was the only artist in this No. 1 Management institute of the World.

As I entered in PI and settled down, I faced the same question – “what are you doing in management?” and got an opportunity to sketch the image of the Director of IIMA, Ashish Nanda, in 15 minutes. That’s how I ended my PI and was selected for IIMA. Meanwhile, after two years of MBA, I got an opportunity of taking lectures in GLS. So from Visiting Faculty to a Permanent Faculty.

The final year of my MBA was done with good placement, and I got offer letters from 3 well-known companies. Now, if I had joined GOOGLE (or any other 2, I would have to change my city of dreams) and on the same evening, I got an opportunity from CEPT University as an assistant faculty! So now the battle was in between GOOGLE v/s CEPT University and once again me v/s beloved ones and society. 

This was the time I decided to select myself and my art! I learned people would be against your decision, whether it’s your family members or others, but never let your armour down!

Stand > walk > fall > Stand > Walk > Run > Fall > Stand again> walk > Run again and fly!

It is necessary to believe in yourself and make yourself a brand. Vinnie’s Art world by Vinisha has 14 companies as tie-up. I am also pursuing a job along with my passion, working in corporate development and Product Research, being Part of HOD in the corporate sector.

Till now, I have gone to 30+ institutes and organizations as a speaker. I have carried out 6+ exhibitions of my art at the National Level and won 62 competitions in various art Competitions. I have 5 World Records for my Art! 

I can proudly say that my wish converted into zid led me to successful Art-Entrepreneur. 


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