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Neelam Pathak’s Rozgar Dhaba Transforms Rural Indi



Neelam Pathak

With a Vision to Build India Largest Job Platform for the Rural Youth  -Rozgar Dhaba 

In a country as diverse and vibrant as India, where the majority of the population resides in rural areas, the need for sustainable and inclusive job opportunities cannot be overstated. While the corporate sector has traditionally been the go-to choice for many, one woman dared to break the Mold and embark on a transformative journey to empower rural India. Meet Neelam Pathak, a fearless and determined entrepreneur who left her established corporate job to create a positive impact on the rural job market.

The Catalyst for Change:

Neelam , a highly successful executive who worked with many renowned multinational corporation for 22 years , realized that her true calling lay in creating opportunities and uplifting lives in rural India. Her travels across the country exposed her to the harsh reality faced by rural communities—limited access to quality education, lack of employment opportunities, and a perpetual cycle of poverty. Determined to make a difference, Neelam  took a leap of faith and left her comfortable corporate job to chart a new path.

The Birth of an Idea:

Passionate about education and economic empowerment, Neelam identified the pressing need for skill development in rural areas. She understood that by equipping individuals with relevant skills, they would have the tools to break free from the cycle of poverty and create a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families. With this vision in mind, Neelam Pathak ( SDA Bocconi Post Graduate)  & Vinod Pandey (Graduate from National University of Singapore)  founded “ROZGAR DHABA” , a social enterprise dedicated to transforming the rural job market.

Transforming Lives, One Skill at a Time:

Neelam’s first step was to establish Rozgar Dhaba Centres  in rural villages across India. These centres provided comprehensive skill development programs , welfare Program support , other documents supports  tailored to the specific needs of each community. From agriculture and handicrafts to technology and entrepreneurship, Neelam ensured that a wide range of skills were offered to cater to different interests and aptitudes. By collaborating with local experts and organizations, she created a platform for knowledge sharing and community building. Do check for Rozgar Dhaba Skill Academy , you tube channel.

Embracing Technology for Lasting Impact:

Understanding the power of technology in today’s world, Neelam incorporated it into her enterprise. She introduced e-learning modules, Online volunteering sessions allowing individuals in remote areas to access quality skills and training without geographical constraints. Through partnerships with Companies and Individuals and low cost technology companies, Neelam facilitated the distribution of low-cost smartphones and tablets, enabling rural communities to bridge the digital divide. By harnessing the potential of digital platforms, she opened up avenues for remote training , online entrepreneurship, and e-commerce, creating a world of opportunities for rural youth.

A Ripple Effect of Change:

Neelam’s efforts did not go unnoticed. As word spread about the transformative impact of ROZGAR DHABA, other like-minded individuals, NGOs, and even government agencies came forward to support her cause. Recognizing the potential of Neelam’s enterprise, the government partnered with ROZGAR DHABA to scale up its operations. They collaborated on policy initiatives to ensure the sustainability and expansion of the program. Neelam’s initiative became a shining example of public-private partnership for rural development. She also collaborated with corporates to ensure good job availability for Rural youth keeping an assured wages , so that whenever Rural youth takes up a job , they are well informed and skilled and have a choice to take it up. Her efforts are also focussed to have more empowerment to “Rural Women” and their education , as she believes by empowering women “we can create a much better world”

Celebrating Success Stories:

Neelam’s tireless efforts have borne fruit, with numerous success stories emerging from the communities she has touched. Young men and women who once struggled to find employment are now , employed in reputed companies ,  running successful businesses, contributing to the local economy, and inspiring others. The transformation goes beyond economic empowerment; it has also instilled a sense of pride, self-belief, and hope within the rural communities. Through her work, Neelam has shown that given the right opportunities and support, rural India possesses immense potential. In a month her team has reached to 10000+ communities, supported 200+ job aides, and 2500+welfare scheme, and more than 270+ hours of soft skill training from Volunteers corporate partners.  


Neelam Pathak’s journey from the corporate world to rural entrepreneurship is a testament to the power of determination, empathy, and vision. By identifying the need for skill development and leveraging technology, she has created a platform for rural India to thrive. Neelam’s commitment to empowering rural communities has not only transformed the job market but also instilled a sense of hope and resilience. Her story serves as an inspiration for women across the country, encouraging them to break barriers and create meaningful change. As Neelam continues her mission to transform India’s rural job market, the impact she has made is a shining example of what can be achieved when individuals dare to dream and take action. 

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