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Playing games is our pastime. Playing games keeps our minds fresh. We all love to play games, be it online or offline.

However, in today’s virtual world it’s not always feasible to play offline. Taking a football shot on the green field or running up to deliver a pace ball has become almost impossible. And when everything is done through smartphones why not gaming, too?

Nowadays, online games are no more time passing activity; the games have developed more than you can think… Online games test your intelligence through critical thinking, reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and solving quizzes that range from current affairs, music, art & literature, general knowledge and of course, sports. 

And what’s better is that you not only enjoy online gaming but it also helps you earn money!

You can start with a very small investment and can earn a substantial amount of money through online gaming if you play with your intelligence backed by the support of your luck. 

Here is a list of popular online games that you can play and earn money. Get, set, go…

  1. Sprinters Games:

Welcome to India’s biggest Online Gaming Platform. With a wide range of online games, you can get the real feel of gaming as well as earn a lot of money. 

Sprinters games offer you to choose different types of online sports gaming…From online cricket games to online football games, from pokers to exciting card games like Black Jack and Solitaire Grand, unfold a new online gaming experience. You can enjoy the Yummy Slot machine, a fun gaming through which you can also get rewards. With round-the-clock support and an extra 5% bonus on every new sign-up, enjoy the fastest and the most genuine online gaming experience. 

Join today! play More to Win More.






An online sports gaming platform, Dream11 offers you to play fantasy football with a minimum investment of Rs. 100 only and help you to win rewards. 

Designed by Fantasy Sports Info with 10,000 + installs to date, Dream11 comes with options to choose forwards, defenders, goalkeepers, captains, etc. 

It has two kinds of contests- a Big Prize Pool and a Small Prize Pool, and you can keep track of the entire game by watching and following the live match. Perfect choosing and making of a team enable you to increase your overall score. 

However, a small knowledge about the sports and domestic players would be an added advantage. So, it’s recommended to start with a small amount and then slowly increase in playing big leagues. 

  1. My11Circle 

An eSports fantasy cricket game, My11Circle is designed by Tech Makhni. It is played by 13 million people and has an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5 and 10,000+ installs to date.

As the name suggests, you can form a team comprising 11 players from a pool of 25 or 30 players. You can choose bowlers, batsmen, all-rounders etc. The performance of the players will earn you points as the live match begins. In the end, your final scoring will give you the rank. You can start with a minimal amount of Rs. 25 and the winning amount depends upon the type of tournament – domestic, national or international. 

  1. Ace2Three 

Ace2Three is a popular online card game platform offered by Head Infotech Pvt. Ltd. It has more than 5,000,000 installs with 8 million players and has a rating of 3.8 on the play store. 

It possesses a world-class interface that allows all Rummy lovers to play Rummy for free as well as for cash. You can choose 2 or 6-player tables with or without a joker. Depending on his count and entry value, the winner gets the chips from other players. Free rummy tournaments and a multi-table tournament are being played at Ace2Three online gaming.


Ranked No.1 in India as an online poker site, PokerBaazi has an overall rating of 2.7/5 on the Apple store. It offers cash games and tournament poker in formats of no-limit hold and also pot-limit Omaha. In six-max and nine-handed formats, cash games are available while tournaments are available in a wide range of buy-in levels.

You may use cards to make the combination that you think is strategically correct and would help you win cash. It consists of Hole Cards where two random face-down cards are dealt to each player on a table and Community Cards where five cards are put face-up on the game table. You are supposed to make a 5-card winning combination by choosing Hole Cards and Community cards.

  1. Rummy Circle

Rummy Circle is the largest online rummy game in India that is designed by Ultimate Games. Almost 10 million people use this online gaming to earn money, which shows its popularity and trust.

A 13-card game, it’s a part of Play Games 24×7 and the biggest prize pool reaches Rs. 4 crores. Yes, you’ve read it right. However, you can play with only Rs. 25.

With 5 million users and a rating of 4.5/5, it has 10,000,000+ installations. 

You need to sort the cards to form at least two sequences. A sequence is a combination of three or more consecutive cards o the same suit. Combining and playing intelligently and strategically can earn you a lot of money.

The online games listed above are considered to be some of the best online games that are truly thrilling and help you to earn, as well. With a minimal amount of money, you can make loads of money within a short period. 

Disclaimer: The information so provided gives the understanding that neither the author, blogger nor publisher is engaged in rendering any legal, business or financial advice to the reader or the general public. The views, and opinions of the contents or blogs so provided and expressed are those of the authors themselves and are not intended to hurt and malign any religion, group, club, individual, organization, company or anyone or anything. 

Though Sprinters Games makes an effort to make sure that all the information is correct, we cannot guarantee that the said information is correct, updated and complete.

Disclaimer: This is a paid press release. No Journalists were involved in the creation and publishing of the content.

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