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Society develops only when students are technically equipped : Hope Begins Foundation



There are some problems in society which are probably the root cause of many other problems. Education is one such root cause of many other problems. Delhi NCR based NGO Hope Begins Foundation realized this issue and decided to do something about it. While they already have their running projects of helping poor children with educational support, this time they took a step ahead and extended their support to those students who are bright in studies but are not able to do further studies for financial reasons. 

In a recent campaign ARK Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. came ahead and donated laptops to Hope Begins Foundation as a part of their welfare causes and it was distributed among students in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh). They were seen distributing laptops to students. They distributed laptops to 54 students. These are used laptops but are in good condition for use. Out of 300 applications that came for the demand of these laptops, there was a screening process as laptops were limited. 54 out of these 300 were those who passed a basic screening test conducted by the Hope Begins Foundation. 

ARK Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is an IT based Company which has operations all over India. ARK Infosolutions is doing many welfare causes activities and will do more such activities with Hope Begins Foundation in the coming future. A private library in Ghaziabad has helped the foundation a lot by giving their space to conduct this event. The whole process of selecting the students was not easy though because as many as 300 students showed interest in it. Screening had to be done to filter out the 54 students by conducting 3 tests with 100 students in each batch. 

The reason that the foundation decided to distribute laptops is because their aim is to help with education. But in today’s world education is incomplete without technology. Laptop is one such basic technological tool to study or to work in a corporate. After Covid most schools take classes online. Many students are not able to attend their classes because they don’t have a laptop. And it is not only for their study, even if they go for a job after they finish education they need a laptop

Mayank is a Diploma student from Delhi. His father’s salary as a peon in a government company isn’t enough to provide him all facilities needed for studies, including a laptop which is beyond his budget. Now that he got a laptop from the foundation as a gift, his joy can’t be described in words. He said : “I worked part time to arrange some money to buy a laptop but that money was hardly enough to take care of other expenses at home. After I came to know about this scheme I applied immediately and attended the test. I am glad that I have been selected as one of the deserving students.”

Hope Begins Foundation was started in 2017 and created a big impact in the society in a very short time. Hope Begins was also noticed by big brands and renowned personalities who have appreciated their work. Looking at a little background of the foundation, it was started by 3 friends Pranav Mishra, Shoaib Ali and Bitupan Baruah. With its head office in Delhi NCR they have volunteers across the country. Their projects include Let’s End Hunger Together, Cricket for Differently abled, Financial support during medical emergencies and supporting education of poor children. During Covid they distributed 40 lacs meals to the underprivileged and the labourers. Their work was recognized by many people and got a lot of media attention. They organized multiple cricket tournaments for the differently abled players in various parts of the country. 

Hope Begins Foundation is seen collaborating with many Orphanages and Children cares to support their work. They have also collaborated with many big NGOs to serve the nation at large scale. Talking about future plans, Hope Begins Foundation is looking to expand its current projects and expand it’s team to both tier 1 and tier 2 cities. They believe they are working on two very important issues in the society i.e. Hunger and Education. And if these two are taken care of then a lot of other problems in the society will go away by itself. 

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