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Strong TMT’s Stronger Campaign



“Out-Of-Home Advertising, OOH Advertising has time and again advocated global trends, continuing its tireless, incessant support, in creating and redefining brands”

Despite the passing fads taking over the world, beating the odds, a brand has once again tested the power of traditional and outdoor marketing with L&T, OOH advertising, evidencing the popularity of the medium has never died down. It was and will be a cornerstone and a potent marketing mix for several years to come.

“Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room,” is now a quote behind the times. SS Gold TMT, one of the leading and largest TMT manufacturers and sellers in India, has proven otherwise by choosing a unique advertising strategy that worked well, despite popular belief in modern times, OOH Advertising. 

Knowing the pulse of your audience is what makes an advertisement unique. Artists call it an art and a business; a strategy. SS Gold TMT has combined the power of both to make their marketing strategy fit their motto, “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution.”

As is known, the building is the fusion of steel and concrete, and the combination of both elements is what makes the foundation stronger. This is truer than ever with SS Gold TMT combining its marketing efforts with Elephant Ad Agency to execute its vision of reaching its broad spectrum audiences with OOH Advertising, popularly known as Out-Of-Home Advertising, using Internal Train Branding and External Train Wrap.

The redefined definition now combines the efforts of exceptional planning with an efficient execution strategy. “The branding is now what people say when your “ad” is in the room.”

With brands focusing on their social media goals copiously, the marketing goals envisioned by the team of SS Gold TMT, though traditional, have garnered praise and share. The collective acceptance and the increasing popularity of the brand have been made possible in the flesh with the help of the OOH advertising medium.

Popularly known for L&T Metro Rail Advertising, and OOH advertising, the team of Elephant Ad Agency has perfected the vision. By and large, the merger had writ an extensive reach and visibility for the brand in the Greater City of Hyderabad, India.

The OOH Advertising Campaign has been executed using the Metro train branding system; as the posters on the train have attracted the attention of bystanders and passengers alike with the famously practiced internal train branding and external train wrap approach by the Elephant Ad Agency. The integrated approach and the creative storytelling of the brand had created a successful brand communication and thus became the “talk of the town,” procreating an increased clientele and potential clients in high spirits.

The ad’s amassed a colossal brand awareness while SS Gold TMT presented themselves ingeniously; as the “Pillars of tomorrow”, “Steel behind the strongest infrastructure”, Safe and durable structures” and THE BEST STEEL MANUFACTURERS Of Times. With this Out Of Home Advertising strategy, SS Gold TMT has not only succeeded with their high strength focusing, high-quality Gold Steel Fe-500 TMT Bars but has proven their grab on the publicity by capturing the attention of prospective users.

Besides other bigger fish in the market, the blend of DOOH and OOH Advertising medium has been proven to be the cash cow, with an increase in brand reach of up to 203%, with L&T Metro Rail Advertising, which includes Internal train branding and external train wrap alone has estimated to achieve a whopping reach of up to 4.5 Lakh people per day in a premium way.

Elephant Ad Agency has taken over several other successful projects before with a guaranteed marketing success rate for the brands looking forward to reaching their local and global audiences and perfecting their 360-degree marketing approach.

Unlike a traditional advertising agency, the “Elephant marketing agency” can develop, produce and deploy fully integrated marketing services with both on-stream and off-stream assistance. Elephant Ad Agency currently serves several local and international clients using their services. Especially, known for, L&T Metro Rail Advertising, OOH Advertising, Transit, and Theater Advertising with a wide variety of Metro, Onscreen, Lobby, Shelter, and more mediums to cater, The Elephant Ad agency has earned a name in the market as one of the best outdoor advertising agencies in Hyderabad.

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