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Teenage Boy Builds India’s Own Crypto Currency Exchange Platform, Plans to Launch Own Coin Soon



In recent years the use and craze for Crypto has grown rapidly. As the name and fame is growing so is the awareness among the people and vis-à-vis the technology has seen a jump. There are various platforms that offer exchange of crypto and facilitate buying and selling of the same.

Though there are a lot of platforms available, very few of them are trustworthy and reliable. In the market of various options only few options are correct and best suited. In the recent time NOMOEX has become one of the most preferred crypto exchange platforms.

When it comes to NOMOEX, the pillars are trust, transparency, accessibility and flexibility. When you opt NOMOEX, you are allowed to exchange any crypto currency with addition it allows selling and buying of coins without any hassle. NOMOEX is a platform that is accessible to everyone be it a beginner, inter-mediate or a professional player, it provides options for everyone with options and features that are limited to NOMOEX only.

The user-friendly trading platform is the brainchild of Abhishek Kumar Mahto, who is the Founder & CEO of Nomoex. It all started when Abhishek was 18 years old, he says, “It started as simple thought. There were a handful of people of who were aware of Crypto and how actually it was used or invested.” As he saw people, he grew bit curious and he observed that apart from lack of education there was another problem that was being faced by the Indians users was that they were not trusting foreign platforms for investing their money, and when Abhishek analyzed the market, it turned out that people were ready to invest in India originated platform and this is how NOMOEX was born. As the NOMOEX came into reality with features that made it easy for anyone to learn and execute in the world of Cypto. 

It also has exclusive NOMOEX beneficial plans that allow registered users to invest less and more. With proper knowledge guidance and technique, the best can be received from their beneficial plans. It is not just meant for traders but anyone and everyone be it business owners, students, housewives anyone and use and trade through NOMOEX.

When Abhishek was asked what inspired him to make a platform like NOMOEX, he said, “The biggest motivation behind building this Indian Crypto Currency Exchange Platform was that creating a very first Crypto Currency Exchange of our own, that was made and developed in India. A platform that would allow everyone and anyone to get into Crypto Currency business by trading with less amount and earn in huge.”

Brainstormed by an 18-year-old, Abhishek has achieved something that is still a dream for people. With huge popularity NOMOEX has become talk of the town because of its unique ideas and investment plans, also this Platform allows people to gain knowledge about how to invest and earn in Crypto Currency in a smart way. Learning and getting mentorship— NOMOEX provides it all. 

No prior experience is required to start trading, amazingly Abhishek Mahto has a very different take when it comes to experience, he believes, “A idea to invent something or start something unique does not need experience, just have to find the needs and fulfill with right stuff and this is all.”

Abhishek’s future plan is to involve mostly business in Crypto by adding businesses in NOMOEX, such as- Construction Companies, Hotel and Resorts Chains, Private Companies, Hospitals etc. He wants to put the world on notice about NOMOEX and want this Exchange Platform to work worldwide.

Soon they plan to launch their own coin and take the market by storm.

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