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Yatender Rao’s committed journey with the BJP



Politicians play an essential role in local, state, and federal levels of public service. Politicians are the backbone of how the government is run, from enacting laws to formulating policies that regulate society.

While this role may be both demanding and gratifying and requires individuals to prepare themselves for all that a political life entails carefully, Yatendar Rao is one such politician who is up for this tremendous responsibility, having grown up around politics and how policymaking works. He has the qualifications and, most significantly, the motivation. The desire to work for the betterment of society is not something that all of us can achieve.

Yatender Rao’s vision

Yatender Rao is committed to bringing about positive change and believes that more young people should get involved in politics. It is not enough to criticize a system from afar; to effect change, one must be a member of the system and the revolution. In freshly forming democracies, young people must be included from the start of official political processes, as their engagement in formal political processes is critical if we are to achieve long-term beneficial change.

A career in politics with the BJP

Since 2009, he has held different positions in BJYM (the youth wing of the BJP) in Haryana, including State Vice President, State Head of Study Circle Committee, and State Executive Member, and presently he occupies the position of District Vice President in mainstream BJP in South Haryana. He is the president of Amity University’s Alumni Association. Yatender is a volunteer for RSS, an organization dedicated to assisting people and the country, and has been active in ABVP since his student life.


His accomplishments are numerous and significant in various ways. Through his NGO, Jaihind Jansewa Foundation, he organizes social service and health camps on a regular basis to help those in need.

He has also actively participated in the party’s numerous campaigns and drives in Haryana. He is working in charge of a specific constituency from the party in various elections like Uttrakhand, Delhi, and UP.

He also campaigned actively for the party in the General Elections of 2009, 2014, and 2019, as well as the Haryana Assembly Elections in the same years. He has also taken part in numerous roles and responsibilities during election campaigning in state elections for both rural and urban bodies.

Under the auspices of the Study Circle Committee, BJYM, Yatender arranged Atal Yuva Mahotsav in several Haryana districts. Yatender Rao has also actively participated in BJP national and state-level events such as Tiranga Yatra, Sansad Gherao, National Conclave, Membership Drives, and Election Campaigns for over 15 years.

As the organizer of various projects and drives, his contributions are far-reaching and significant. Yatendar Rao is someone who has worked hard and dedicatedly to establish a career for himself. We should look to him for inspiration not just for politics but also for his perseverance as an individual.

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