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Chennai: A Pilot is trained to operate an Aircraft, they also the aircraft, checking the aircraft’s engine, its system to guarantee everything is running properly and ensure the aircraft is ready for departure. Pilots are in charge of the operation of the aircraft and they also ensure the safety of the passengers and the cabin crew. So Pilot’s responsibilities and duties are immense such as performing aircraft observation before and after flying, choosing safe and well-regulated routes. As a pilot, we must have these skills and abilities such as communication, teamwork, professionalism, adaptability,  and also ensure to maintain their working hours.

We all love travelling and exploring new places. As a pilot, I will get a chance to fly to different destinations around the globe. Subsequently, I would be able to see how the massive world looks from such an extent. It will be in my routine to see these things every day. I think there is no other profession other than a pilot for making life full of adventures. This profession is not as easy as it seems. It is full of challenges and hazards. The pilot is ready to accept those challenging circumstances in life. In my perspective, challenges provide us with a window to learn several new things in our life. There are many states of affairs where a pilot has to make quick decisions. I have quick decision-making skills. I think this calibre is a plus point for my ambition. As a pilot, I will constantly have the opportunity to meet many new people. From your cabin crew to passengers, to residents of the cities you visit, you’ll be introduced to people and new cultures during our layovers. Whenever I see an aircraft I always think that the person who flies it is really lucky. I always thirst to sit in the cockpit and drive the glorious plane. I always want to bring my dreams into reality so I decided to become a pilot. I trust that nothing in this world is impossible if you work hard for it. – Say’s Master Nirushan Tamilselvan.

Types of Pilots:

Are you considering enrolling in an aviation school? Before you are taking that jump, it’s miles important the one-of-a-kind forms of pilots you may become. This may assist you to make a greater knowledgeable selection, making sure which you kick off your piloting profession with the right training.

A pilot certificate is every now and then referred to as a pilot’s license. This documentation shows the kind of aircraft which you are allowed to fly. A pilot rating is a certification that allows the pilot to fly an aircraft that requires extra training than the ordinary aircraft class type of training. Here are the distinctive varieties of pilots you have the potential of becoming like Airline Transport Pilots with the eligibility of 23 years above and log of above 1500 hours, Private Pilots at a minimum age of 18 and a minimum forty hours of flight time,  of twenty which should be with a trainer. Becoming a commercial pilot means mastering how to fly complex planes that have retractable landing gear, flaps, and a controllable-pitch propeller. Commercial flight training also demands greater precision and understanding about professional flight operations and Flight instructorsFor those who need to gain hours or pass into a career as a pilot, a flight teacher certificate is a subsequent step for many pilots.

Eligibility Criteria:

To join in any of the Aviation courses, you will be required to fulfil eligibility standards as set by the institute or academy. Enlisted are the eligibility necessities to become a pilot after twelfth in India: Your age should be above 17 years to begin training. You must have scored above 50% in 10, +2 which may vary as according to the Institute requirement.

ABOUT AUTHOR Mr. Nirushan Tamilselvan is the elder son of Mr.TamilSelvan and Arulvani, Residing in Chennai. Currently, He is pursuing 12th Grade in Velammal Vidyalaya, With an aspiration of becoming airline pilot. His fondness for working in the aviation sector from his Childhood days captivated him to this walks of life.He also noted that, He has heard that the life of a pilot is challenging and interesting which made him aspire to become the one among them. With a sense of his childhood he quotes that “whenever I hear the sound of an aircraft I look up to see it. Now I can ascertain the type of aircraft that is flying. Have you ever imagined having your office 20,000 feet above the ground? ”

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