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Atulya – Nature in its very essence



The origin of Ayurvedic cosmetics can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Cosmetics were used to improve one’s appearance and obtain longevity and good health. There is evidence of highly refined self-beautification notions and a vast range of cosmetics used by men and women in ancient India. Many of these customs were seasonal and inextricably linked to everyday life. Cosmetics and their application were entirely based on natural resources for the ancient Indians. And now, even in the present times, natural resources not only continue to be a significant part of people’s skincare and haircare regime but have gained immense popularity, more than ever before, over the last few years.

Founded in 2019 by Gaurav Singh, Atulya is a brand based in incredible India but has gained recognition all over the world. The science-based, problem-solving, head-to-heel brand offers an exclusive selection of wellness, skincare, and hair care products that are yoked from nature’s richness and categorized by confidence and healthy living. The natural, holistic effects of Atulya’s products are well-known. Based on Ayurveda’s vast and well-established expertise, herbal extracts, fruit extracts, and essential oils are increasingly being used effectively in medicines, food supplements, and personal care products. Atulya’s organic products are made with natural components and pure herb and seed extracts. They help cure a variety of hair and skin issues, enhance hydration levels, and restore bright and healthy skin.

The brand’s global presence with 2500 plus stores and franchises in 80 plus countries represented by 5 million consultants ensures a hassle-free process for the best results. Because Atulya’s products are manufactured from hand-picked natural ingredients, they are completely natural and extremely effective. The goods are free of synthetic components and dangerous chemicals, and they are jam-packed with the goodness of nature.

Atulya has developed several product lines based on a variety of natural ingredients that are aimed at treating various hair and skin issues as well as helping you in maintaining an effective hair and skin care regimen in your daily life. Some of the product ranges offered by the brand include Vitamin C range, Aloe Vera natural skincare range, Rose care collection, and several others. The Vitamin C collection, which consists of a serum and a face wash enriched with Vitamin C, acts as an antioxidant powerhouse to maintain healthy skin and fights against ageing, pollution, dust, wrinkles, sun damage, pimples, acne, and dullness. Vitamin C hydrates the skin by retaining moisture for an extended period of time. It also fights free radicals and gives skin a brighter, more radiant shine, which helps to reduce skin dullness. Antimicrobial qualities in their Aloe Vera range protect the skin from harmful contaminants and UV rays. It enables the skin to build collagen, which helps to prevent acne and reduce dark spots, leaving you with soft, flawless, bright, and beautiful skin. Additionally, their exclusive Rose Care collection, which includes Rose Face Serum and Face Wash, helps in the achievement of clean, matte, and youthful skin. The products in this line are clear of SLS and parabens, which helps cleanse the skin by gently removing debris and oil while also evening out skin tone for a healthy, luminous shine.

Atulya’s diverse product line is focused on one goal: to improve your skin care regimen and elevate it to a whole new level while providing you with an enriching experience along the way. The reputed team at Atulya is committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being rigorous in the brand’s practices in order to deliver the best possible care for their consumers and the environment in the form of their pure, natural and organic products. 

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