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Empowering Women, Spreading Positivity and Inner Peace is My Motto- Monika Maheshwari



Interview by: Ayushi Rathore (PR Analyst – PR Waale Public Relations Services)

 I have known that I wanted to help women and become an inspiration for them since my childhood. I fulfilled my passion of becoming an event organizer and a versatile anchor at an early age. Belonging from a Marwari family it was difficult to follow my dream even so my father always had my back and supported me. I succeed in Proving my talent at Jodhpur and did more than 500 events there. His acknowledgment and encouragement helped me to believe that I could do that. After shifting to Delhi when it was difficult for me to start again in a big city, my husband wholeheartedly supported me to follow my passion again & I was able to organise large scale events at Delhi.

 One of the things that kept people going during the isolation of the COVID-19 lockdown was undoubtedly social media. People all over the country were trying to find hope during that time.

 Tospread positivity in the pandemic I came up with the idea to connect women from all over the world through a virtual platform and started a Facebook group named Kalakari Creations- Zone of Gems- Quarantine Queens which focused mainly on Entertainment, Education and Women Empowerment. I believed that medicines are important but being self-motivated is more important in unpredictable times.

Kalakari Creations- Zone of Gems- Quarantine Queens is a platform to showcase talent through art & craft, cooking, fashion and entertainment, mainly focusing on women and children. With this initiative, in Season 1, I have been able to help 400+ mentors from various specializations to connect with 5000+ queens from all over the world and completed 250+ inspiring sessions in 50+ events live onZoom and Facebook.Meeting in the virtual, intangible world, queens found camaraderie, kinship and courage to tide over the fear, panic and isolation of the health emergency.

My vision for Quarantine Queens is to reach a larger audience and to enhance their skills, knowledge and promote their work through Social Media at no cost. During the sessions we had mentors from Amul Master Chef India (Star Plus), Fevicryl Pidilite, some of the biggest virtual events like International Queen Cuisine Contest 2020, Taste Test 2020, Clever Chocolatier 2020, International Quarantine Queens Cake Contest 2021, etc. were sponsored by Nestle. We also had celebrity mentors from Colors TV and Zayka Ka Tadka, renowned speaker Mr. Author Sherry (Founder & CEO of MS Talks) and many renowned doctors on our Virtual Auditorium. 

After getting inspired by the sessions some of the queens started to develop a deep sense of passion and motivation to reach greater heights in business and income with the start of their new business. 

I don’t aspire for awards as my biggest award is to bring smiles and happiness to my Queens’s face. I believe every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another, as we’re strongest when we cheer each other, so they should always appreciate a fellow woman. 

 Now we are into the second season of Quarantine Queens 2.0 with Mission Mushkurahat. Join us on this journey of allowing women, who deserve more but are not getting the platform to show their skills.

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