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Bigg Boss 16 Winner: Priyanka Chahar Choudhary vs. MC Stan – Who Will Triumph?



Bigg Boss 16 is just a day away from the finale and the anticipation to know who will be the winner and lift the trophy will soon come to an end. Looking back at the journeys of each finalist in the house makes it difficult to decide who would become the winner of the show. Here’s a brief recapitulation of the top 5 contestants Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, Shiv Thakare, MC Stan, Archana Gautam and Shalin Bhanot’s strengths and weaknesses.
Priyanka Chahar’s strengths and weaknesses in Bigg Boss 16

Priyanka’s biggest strength in the house has been her voice. She has been vocal about her muddas and even took a stand for them. Priyanka is opinionated and her strong voice was enough to shut others in the house. While talking about her weaknesses, Priyanka would jump into fights for everything due to which she would miss out on the real mudda and was often called out by host Salman Khan and later Shekhar Suman gave her a ‘Taang Adana’ award as well.

Shiv Thakare’s strengths and weaknesses in Bigg Boss 16

Shiv Thakare has been one of the most popular and adored contestants of season 16, his strengths have been that Shiv is upfront, and smart with the game, and he was lauded by Bigg Boss for playing his game from his heart and mind. Shiv was also known as the taskmaster of this season, he didn’t lose a single task. Shiv valued his friendship over materialistic things, one wouldn’t find him fighting over petty things in the house. On the other hand, his weaknesses have been that somewhere his respect for Sajid Khan overshadowed his game. While his way of calling out the wrongs of his friends in private put him in the weak light where the viewers felt he wasn’t confronting his friends in public.

MC Stan’s strengths and weaknesses in Bigg Boss 16

MC Stan has been the only contestant who stayed real till the end. Stan didn’t change even a bit about himself for the game. His biggest strength has been that he speaks his mind loud and clear. He isn’t scared of anyone and doesn’t even hesitate at confronting his own friends. When he felt Shiv and Sajid were changing for the game, Stan was vocal about it and confronted them. The biggest fights in the house have happened between Shalin and him. While his weakness has been that he wasn’t completely involved in the game in the beginning. Later, when Salman Khan and Bigg Boss motivated him, he began to open up. He often seemed disinterested and kept missing home. Stan has quite often been seen talking about going home.

Archana Gautam’s strengths and weaknesses in Bigg Boss 16

Archana Gautam has been the entertainer of the house, she not only left the viewers in splits with her antiques but made them her guests in Bigg Boss’s kitchen. Archana has been a solo player, she didn’t need anybody to fight her battles and yes! this season’s kitchen queen for sure. With all these great qualities, Archana’s weakness has been her below-the-belt remarks, she used to get personal with the comments and also went for the physical attack that got her expelled from the house but later Salman got her back.

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