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Akanksha Puri Unveils Exciting Plans for Her Bollywood and TV Career!



Akanksha Puri started her career in the South and soon became the lead heroine in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Calendar Girls. With her talent and popularity, the actress is making a noise in the television industry. After winning the title of Swayamvar, Mika Di Vohti’s fans are dying to know what is happening next in her life. While the actress kept it quiet for her personal space, she did share her professional plans.

In her statement, Akanksha Puri says, “Well, I want to embark on an exciting journey of success. The love and support I received from the audience keeps me motivated to do some good work and entertain them. I recently signed up with Pinnacle Celebrity Management, one of the leading companies in celebrity management. And soon will be announcing the projects that I will be doing with their association. To begin with, for the first time, I attended four Holi parties in a row in Mumbai, all managed by them. The events were a huge success, and I simply loved attending all of them.”

Akanksha’s signing with Pinnacle Celebrity Management has proven to be a game-changer for the actress, as she has already attended four paid events, which indicates her growing popularity. The agency has proven to be a valuable asset to her, as they have been instrumental in organizing some of the biggest Holi events in the country. Her presence at these events has been an enormous source of joy for her fans, who have been eagerly waiting to see her in person. One such event was held in Borivali, where she was accompanied by the renowned musical composer Sachet-Parampara. The event was attended by a whopping 7,000 members, who were left spellbound by Akanksha’s mesmerising presence. Another event was held at Tulip Star, where 3000 people were present, including celebrities. The third event, Holi Invasion, was organised by Anand Mishra, partnered with Santosh Gupta, in Oshiwara, Mumbai, and witnessed a crowd of 2000 people. The fourth event was held in South Mumbai, where 3000 members were present to witness Akanksha’s stunning performance. Her ability to capture the audience’s attention and leave them spellbound with her charm and grace is truly commendable.

Her signing with the new agency has opened up a plethora of opportunities for her, making 2023 one of the busiest years of her career. The agency has already organized four Holi events this year, with two more guest appearances scheduled for Akanksha in Bangalore. Her remarkable success has been attributed to her ability to adapt to different situations and her keen sense of professionalism. She has consistently demonstrated her commitment to excellence and has left no stone unturned in her pursuit of success.

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