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Deepika Padukone’s belly dance moves in old coffee ad also starring Karan Johar leaves fans in awe.



Deepika Padukone had once showed some belly dance moves in a coffee ad, which also featured Purab Kohli and Karan Johar.

Deepika Padukone is currently promoting quite a few international brands. Now an old ad featuring her in a coffee ad has appeared online and it shows her doing some belly dancing. The ad also features Purab Kohli, who is seen imagining Deepika dancing seductively for him. Deepika is also a coffee lover in real life. 

The ad opens with Deepika and filmmaker Karan Johar having a chat on a couch, when Purab Kohli arrives. Deepika asks Purab if he wants to have cold coffee and he replies, “Shake it and make it baby”. She goes on to show some cool belly dance moves, while shaking the coffee in shaker. As Purab continues to dream about Deepika dancing to make the coffee, Karan gets up and simply makes the cold coffee in a mixer. He wakes up Purab from his dream and tells him that one need not dance like Deepika to make it, a mixer is enough for the task.

Deepika’s fans loved her dance moves as the video was shared on Reddit. A user commented, “Got them buzzing without the caffeine.” Another said, “Damn, what nostalgia. I remember this ad so well. So well made. DP (Deepika) looks gorgeous.” A person even wrote, “Aese coffee bnane wali mil jaaye toh puri zindagi nescafe piyu (If I get a woman making coffee like this, I would drink Nescafe all my life).” One more said, “She hasn’t aged.”

In 2021, Deepika had shared a video in which she answered questions about her likes and dislikes. When she was asked to choose between cold brew vs filter coffee, she said, “You’ve given me really tough choices. I can’t cheat on filter coffee so filter coffee.”

A source had told Hindustan Times in 2013, “Deepika loves sipping on coffee made at her house, especially in the mornings. She sources the best filter coffee from her home city. Everyone enjoys the coffee made at her house as it has the perfect strength and aroma, just like you get down south. Moreover, Deepika has personally trained her staff to brew it in a certain manner.”

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