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Trina Das: From 16 Students to EdTech Giant with 100,000+!



Trina Das is a young, focused and passionate entrepreneur. She is the founder of TAI (Teaching with Artificial Intelligence) School, an EdTech firm that focus on quality education. Trina has always aimed at giving her best to the society and changing it for the better. And she did what she thought of.

She revolutionised the education sector by bringing Artificial Intelligence into the sector and using it to educate students. Trina is a Harvard alumnus and her vision always to do something that is unique; she brought Teaching with Artificial Education making TAI amongst the most coveted education methodology. This technology makes learning fun and provides practical education, this aims to change the way through with students perceive and look at education. Trina has changed the definition of education and made its impact on student’s thinking about education; the way the look at it, the way they think about it.

TAI is a revolutionary skill-based learning solution based on artificial intelligence for middle and high school students making it easy for them to grasp the syllabus and understand the concepts in a very comfortable and easy way. She has always thought that students should be comfortable with learning and whatever they study. 

Trina is a young professional who has made it in Forbes 30U30 for her work; Trina and her work has been appreciated and acknowledged because of its unique identity. She has also been honoured by the former President of the United States Barack Obama in the White House as Most Impactful Emerging Leaders in Education under 25. The list of awards and recognitions that are garnered by her goes on and on.

TAI provides various skills and educational related content that includes things like solving comprehensions, endorsing reading, speaking and writing skills, math, problem solving, focus, reasoning etc. They ensure that the process of learning is fun and positive. There is an atmosphere where students feel free to ask their doubts and share their ideas and thought without hesitation or fear. The unconventional step of getting of the box and brig something new in the system has really done a great job, Trina has always sided with things that are new and modern fulfilling the needs of the students.

TAI was established in 2017 and since then Trina has never looked back. The wonderful journey of building has motivated her and she with her initiative has created a larger impact in the education sector with collaborating technology and curriculum design for millions of students not just in India but across the globe. The journey though was fun, but was not a cake walk for Trina.

It all started when he was in college in the year 2011 when she was pursuing her college undergraduate degree in Computer Science. She eventually began her career as a tutor, where a total of 16 students came and were given tuition. The output was wonderful, the results of the students were amazing and they saw a boost in their grades. Slowly and steadily her weekend students grew and the batch of 16 students now had over a thousand students— learning and having fun. 

Seeing the growth of her tuitions, she planned to launch her own education firm that would help students in their learning process, in November 2012, B-Genius; an education company that was founded by Trina was established proving quality and affordable education to thousands and thousands of students across the country.  After four years at B-Genius, in 2016 as the business expanded in various other countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and Zambia catering to a more than 11000 students visiting the learning centres weekly. Till then it has 86 learning centres in various towns, cities and village of the country. She thought of taking her business to another level and upgrading it. 

Hence, in 2017 TAI was launched with the aim to provide education equipped with modern technology. She began this with only one vision i.e., helping students accelerate in their academics. And, she did it with her sheer dedication and passion. 

Her wonderful team that are subject experts with deep knowledge and experience have come together to revolutionise the education system in the country. The team members are from esteemed ad prestige educational institutes of the world like Harvard-Stanford-Indian Institute of Technology and many other. Today, TAI has touched student strength of more than 1,60,000 with over 130 centres with 1500 educators on board. 

Even during the COVID-19 crises Trina and her team made sure that the education and learning of students is not affected; to make sure of this teacher took classes five days a week. They also started the initiative of providing free whiteboard classroom tool to continue education.

To know more about Trina Das, a young successful entrepreneur and TAI, world’s fasted growing EdTech visit;

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