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How is Active Senior Living making a difference



Senior Living Homes have brought about a paradigm shift in how people approached life after retirement. While earlier the common thought was that active life, social life, fun and enjoyment – everything ends after retirement, now the thought process is changing for good. Thanks to Active Senior Living Homes – people are now looking at retirement like it should be looked at – just another phase of life.

There’s absolutely no reason to not travel the world or to stop playing that guitar or to stop meeting with your friends every evening or to stop swimming etc. etc. However, standalone homes usually make it less safe for senior citizens to enjoy life to the fullest or even to stay in the best of health.

That’s where Senior Living Homes come to the rescue – and more so, Active Senior Living Homes. Active Senior Living Homes are places which are buzzing with activity at all times – no resident can get bored in Active SLHs! While Senior Living Homes already offer an active and healthy lfiestyle – active SLHs take it up a notch – with modern and innovative facilities, and state-of-the-art architecture.

Ashiana Advik – Active Senior Living Homes

Ashiana Housing is the industry pioneer in Senior Living Homes and is one of the first real estate companies in the country to launch an Active Senior Living Homes project. Ashiana Advik is located off Alwar Bypass Road, Sector-39, Bhiwadi. Spread over 16.9 acres, Advik offers lush green widespaces along with waterbody feature across the campus.

Ashiana Advik brings new and innovative facilities – forest bathing, introspection sphere, aqua zone, relaxation square, pet park, cycling area, sports zone, movie screening area, game area, etc. There are acupressure walking tracks – to make your morning walks a little more delightful and healthy, there are gardens weather-friendly gardens where you can soak in the sun in winters or escape its harshness in the summers, and moving ahead, there’s a clubhouse with something for everyone – Art & Craft Room, Reading Room, Multimedia Room, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Cafeteria, etc.

Ashiana Advik is not just a home for senior citizens, it is almost like a family. With similarly aged people around and so many activities to participate in, everyday at Advik will feel like a festival! Advik offers High-Rise apartments in 1, 2, and 3BHK configurations as well as 3BHK luxury independent villas. Price starts from Rs. 41.4 Lakhs. 
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