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Mrs Shilpa M sharma talks about women entrepreneurs, highlights challenges and opportunities



The world may have trotted a lot forward but the intricacies and incidents involving a woman are still put into question, every too and fro. Especially in a country like India, the deep-rooted gendered work division has chained women for ages. So, empowerment in India primarily starts with breaking the shackles and then firmly taking the principles along. One such epitome of such phenomenal woman achievement and empowerment is Mrs. Shilpa M. Sharma .

Mrs. Shilpa M.Sharma,the pioneer behind brand AMII-ART MAKE IN INDIA is so much enthusiastic about craftsmanship. She is an Artist since last 25 yrs. what’s more, has great experience in this field. She is accomplishing this work with incredible excitement and presents new items like clockwork. Their USP is that they have the most noteworthy creation limit. They have 300 specialists in group. Alongside them they are creating different results of office use, home stylistic theme, corporate giving from there, the sky is the limit. They are giving cost range Rs.50 to Rs.1,000.
she is awarded with MAHAMITRA SOCIAL MEDIA AWARD-2018 .

Mrs. Shilpa loves Art and Craft items and appreciates making something similar. She has been the gatherer of Artifacts from around the World. She drives the general vision and mission of AMII-Art Make In India.

Mrs. Shilpa believes that business is all about getting the right people on the bus and then managing them well. Both of them are a woman’s fote as women are experts on soft skills and emotional intelligence as well. Thus, she extended her warm regards to all the women in business and wished them all the luck for the future.

And with shilpa Sharma leading the charge of Art make in India, there seems to be no slowing down for the brand going forward.

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