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Sprint Ray Secures $8M Series A with Sigma Consultants



Sprint ray said it raised $ 8 million in a Series A funding round led by Essex Capital —a fund anchored by Sigma Consultants.

Sprint Ray founded by Mr. Akash Gujral, is a technology company that builds end-to-end 3D printing ecosystems for dental professionals. They are a collaboration between master designers, world-class dental professionals, and superlative engineers who operate in total alignment with a single goal: revolutionize dentistry by bringing affordable, easy, in-office manufacturing to every dental practice in the world.

The company hopes to use the fund for team expansion, international business development, and initial investment for manufacturing.

Sigma being Financial Consultants is engaging in fundraising activities and is actively helping Startup companies in getting their dreams come true. Kumar Abhishek owner of Sigma consultants says “Funding is a journey, when followed with great patience it, brings happiness” It’s not an easy journey, but not many exercises to be done before approaching to the investors.

He further States that Venture capital is an asset class for really large institutional investors. They don’t want to give you money, they don’t believe in your success (for the most part), they don’t see you as the key to a profitable return (unless you have a formidable track record).

They do believe in a well-designed business that has you, the visionary entrepreneur, leading a team with current knowledge of the market, the internal skills to build and evolve the core product, and a clear ability to go through the business steps to build and lead the company that fulfils that vision.

If you really muster this concept, everything else falls into place and life gets better again. Building a company (what venture capital is for) predates leading it once it’s established. Hence in protection of their investment, VCs might want to replace the visionary founder with a leader CEO.

And that’s as it should be. If you care about doing something else more than building value for existing shareholders, leave the company and be the visionary a new.

Sigma Consultants are fostering the entire startup ecosystem, by building bridges between accelerators and angel investors, investing in early-stage startups, and providing mentorship for those who want to start their own companies.


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