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Tips from an Alternate-medicine expert, Varsha Bhawnani



Varsha is known to have a community by the name Heal with Varsha

How to stay fit by investing a minimum amount of time?

Getting fit into a minute, not a millennium is not a dream for sure. We know in this continuous hustle and bustle, it is quite tricky to watch out for your health. But, what if I can give you some quirky tips to stay fit by investing a few minutes.?If you start following the below tips daily, there will be no requirement to invest hours on your fitness. 

  1. Pre plans the meals – Take out sometime on the weekend to plan the meal for the whole week. It saves your time during the working days and you can still maintain your healthy eating habits. Also, it will save you time in thinking about what to cook during lunch or dinner. A meal time table is best to manage time. 
  2. Stay Hydrated – Water is nothing less than “Amrit” to stay fit. Keep a water bottle with you to ensure that you are drinking enough water. It will keep you hydrated throughout the day and promote healthy digestion. 
  3. Regular Exercise – If regular exercise is not possible, work out on alternative days. You can even take a walk after having lunch. Before sleeping, you can do some stretching in bed for deep sleep. 
  4. Sleep Well – Get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep. Ensure you are sleeping well and rejuvenating your body to be productive during the day. Take quick small naps to relax your body. 
  5. Mindfulness – Take out a minimum of 10 minutes to practise mindfulness like meditation or deep breathing. This will calm your mind and body to reduce stress and improve the overall well-being of the body. 
  6. Reduce Screen Time – Screen time consumes the maximum time that can be spent on healthy habits. For entertainment, try to read a book or listen to music. Especially avoiding screens before bedtime to improve sleep quality and relax your eyes. 

If I haven’t gone through this, today I might not be helping people to heal naturally. It took years of pain, suffering and Nephrotic Syndrome to realise – “Health is Wealth”. After taking years of medication and still not feeling well about my body, I opt to begin the self-healing journey process. Today, I am on a mission to help people live a healthy life by getting rid of chronic disease naturally. I want to create a healthy society, where people can take out a few minutes from their daily life and understand the importance of Self-Love. Learn to understand your body and do the needful to keep it healthy. 

You can connect with her on her Instagram channel @healwithvarsha

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