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Why Boruto Fails to Meet Fan Expectations: 6 Reasons



The announcement of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations generated both excitement and apprehension among fans. As a sequel to the popular Naruto series, fans were uncertain about how it would measure up to the original. Unfortunately, despite high expectations, the sequel has received criticism from fans. Here are six reasons why the series fails to meet expectations.

  1. Underutilization of classic fan-favorite characters

One of the biggest letdowns for fans of the original Naruto series is the underutilization of classic fan-favorite characters in Boruto. Many strong individuals who still had the potential for development, such as Temari and Rock Lee, were sidelined in favor of the new generation of ninjas. This move is disrespectful to the original characters and a significant reason why fans are unhappy with the show.

  1. Rushed storytelling and lack of depth

Boruto is a series that feels rushed and lacks depth in storytelling. The anime feels like it was made to cash in on the success of Naruto, rather than being a well-thought-out continuation of the story. The show’s pacing is evident even to casual viewers, leading to a lack of depth in the storytelling.

  1. Inconsistent animation quality

While the animation in Boruto is generally good, several episodes’ quality has been noticeably lower. This inconsistency has given the show a bad reputation among fans, who expect a certain level of quality from their favorite anime.

  1. Overuse of technology

One of the key strengths of Naruto was its use of a mystical and intriguing power system. However, the excessive use of technology in Boruto takes away from the franchise’s mystical aspect. This shift in focus has disappointed fans who loved the original series for its unique and interesting power system.

  1. Lack of character development

The series fails to give the new generation of characters proper development. This shortcoming is a significant reason why fans are unhappy with the show, as they cannot connect with the new cast in the same way they did with the original characters.

  1. Failure to live up to fan expectations

From rushed plotting to inconsistent animation and character handling, the series has provided fans with several legitimate reasons to be unhappy with it. The show must learn from its shortcomings, prioritize developing the characters from the original series, while not completely sidelining the new generation. Hopefully, the show will improve and provide fans with the satisfying conclusion they deserve.

In conclusion, while Boruto: Naruto Next Generations started with high expectations, it has failed to meet fan expectations. The series has received criticism for its underutilization of classic fan-favorite characters, rushed storytelling and lack of depth, inconsistent animation quality, overuse of technology, lack of character development, and failure to live up to fan expectations. However, there is still hope that the show can redeem itself and provide fans with the satisfying conclusion they deserve.

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