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MakeMyHolidayzzz Founder, Pranav Shrivastava Is All Set To Disrupt The Travel Industry In India.



The Indian Travel Industry today massively lacks planning and is an extremely cluttered market especially in the adventure segment. Pranav Shrivastava, a Budding 20 Year Old Entrepreneur who is currently the Founder And CEO at MakeMyHolidayzzz plans on changing this by collectively arranging the market and becoming a category creator by being the First Company to

create an Organized OTA for the Adventure and Camping category targeted to the Youth Of India.

He always had a knack for entrepreneurship and Business since childhood and always thought of new, creative and innovative ideas when it came to business and building something of his own. He was always an opportunist and looked for problems in Industries and tried to create businesses out of it since a very young age. He Started his first venture when he was just 16 and later on switched to a Marketing Business which he ran for 3 years and was later acquired by another company for an undisclosed amount.

The idea of MakeMyHolidayzzz was first brought into his mind when he was on a college trip in his first year of College in 2019 wherein he observed that the trip that was conducted was highly disorganized and everyone had to face a lot of issues due to the spontaneous changes in plans carried out by the travel planner. He thought to solve this problem by giving the best travel experience at the best price possible.

When MakeMyHolidayzzz first entered the market they thought to cater solely to the Youth segment but eventually realized that The Entire travel industry could be changed by collaboration and executing things differently. Pranav came up with the idea to appoint Franchises across the country offering a myriad of services in the Travel Segment including FIT’s, Specialized Group Tours, MICE and various others.

While appointing Franchises, And Carrying out travel activities of MakeMyHolidayzzz, Pranav observed that the Travel Industry relies highly on Trust And Loyalty and hence word of mouth is the best possible form of marketing for a travel company and acquiring even a single new customer is highly valuable as each customer has a high LTV (Lifetime Value).

“In the travel industry once a customer travels with you and you give him a great experience, he stays loyal to your brand and stays your customer throughout the rest of your life and a happy customer is the best Brand Ambassador for a Travel Company” he added.

With this learning in mind, Pranav launched the ITA (Independent Travel Advisor) program for MakeMyHolidayzzz. The Role of an ITA of MakeMyHolidayzzz is to promote Tours, Packages and other Travel Products offered by MakeMyHolidayzzz by carrying out word of mouth marketing activities. In exchange, ITA’s are paid out a commission depending on their performace and are also eligible for discounted and Free Domestic and International trips through MakeMyHolidayzzz.

“The ITA program has been one of the most beneficial program for both the company and an ITA as it empowers them and helps them add an extra source of income and also helps the company generate more revenue through ITA activities.” he added.

“Our goal is to have a network of 1000 Franchises and 3000 ITA’s by the end of 2023. We are highly determined to get to this goal and are on track to achieve the same” Pranav added.

MakeMyHolidayzzz is also on its way to launch its own Adventure & Camping Portal under the Brand Name ‘CampingHolidayzzz’ which aims to disrupt the adventure travel industry by establishing a network of campsites and adventure parks across India so as to create uniformity and deliver customer satisfaction in this highly cluttered market in India and be the First Ever Travel Company to do so. The service and technology development for CampingHolidayzzz is Ongoing and is expected to be Fully Operational By March.

All in All, we can say that the future for MakeMyHolidayzzz is bright and the way MakeMyHolidayzzz has performed till date under Pranav Shrivastava’s leadership, the company is surely on the path to turn tides in the Indian Travel Industry.

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